Over the course of last week, many of you have reached out with questions, comments and concerns regarding our Local 399 COVID-19 Emergency Dues Policy. Below we have addressed and answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have received.

QUESTION: If I take a ‘Withdrawal Card’, will this impact my ‘Grouping’ or Roster Placement?
ANSWER: No, taking a ‘Withdrawal Card’ from the Union will NOT impact your ‘Grouping’ or Roster Placement.

QUESTION: If I take a ‘Withdrawal Card’ will my Motion Picture Pension & Health Benefits be impacted?
ANSWER: No, taking a ‘Withdrawal Card’ does NOT impact your MPIPHP benefits.

QUESTION: If I take a ‘Withdrawal Card’ will I be eligible for my $10,000 Death Benefit from the Teamsters Life with Dues Plan or MPI if I unexpectedly pass away on a ‘Withdrawal Status’.

ANSWER: By taking a ‘Withdrawal Card’, you will still be eligible for your MPI $10,000 Death Benefit, however while on a ‘Withdrawal’ status, you will not be Eligible for the Teamster Life with Dues $10,000 Death Benefit plan due to the requirements of the ULLICO Policy. When you return to an Active Status, however, this benefit is reinstated. Even so, there may be circumstances where the ULLICO plan may cover a Member on ‘Wthdrawal’. We are asking that if ANY Member contracts COVID-19, to please have a family Member or yourself contact your Business Agent immediately so that we may look into how we can assist you regardless of your ‘Withdrawal Status.’

QUESTION: I have seen some Unions waiving dues for every Member for the entire Quarter, why isn’t Local 399 doing that?
ANSWER: The answer to this is twofold:
1) We’d like to remind you that by going on a “Withdrawal Status” it allows you to forgo dues payments until you make your account Active again. For example, if you take a Withdrawal Card beginning in April and do not work under your contract for 30, 60, 90 days or more, you’re under no obligation to pay dues until you return to work. By allowing Members to go on ‘Withdrawal’ status, or a “Hold” status if you are currently late on your dues, we are trying to help our Members alleviate any financial hardship during this already difficult time.

2) Many Members have reached out to us indicating that they are in a financially stable place for the time being and have insisted to continue to pay their dues to support the efforts of the Local through this pandemic. I want to remind you that Union Dues are the lifeblood of any Local Union, and for those that have committed to continue to pay your dues and stay on an ‘Active’ Status, thank you. Your commitment to the Union is greatly appreciated.

QUESTION: I am on a recurring plan and considering going on a “Withdrawal Status”. What do I need to do?
ANSWER: If you are on a recurring payment plan, having your dues automatically deducted from your account on a Quarterly basis, and are unable to pay your dues for this Quarter, please complete the online form ASAP. Members on a Recurring Payment Plan will have their dues automatically deducted from their account on April 1st for the 2nd Quarter if we do not receive your request prior to THIS Friday 03/27. In order to avoid having to refund your account, please indicate your desire to take a Withdrawal Status ASAP so that it can be processed before April 1st.

QUESTION: What happens when I want to make my Status “Active” again?
ANSWER: Simply contact the Union Hall via email: office@ht399.org. If you are on ‘Withdrawal’ Status, you will only owe dues for the month you wish to return to work. If you are on a ‘Hold’ status, you will still be responsible for the dues for the month you are coming back, as well as your late dues (prior to the 2nd Quarter), however you will not accrue additional fines or fees and won’t owe any dues during the months of your ‘Hold’ status.

QUESTION: I am still in the process of joining and paying off my initiation? What options are available for me at this time?
ANSWER: For any Member that is currently making payments on their initiation, we are deferring payments to be made on your initiation for up to 3 months or until you begin working again. Please email the Front Office: office@ht399.org to indicate if you wish to defer payments and they will be in touch with you to discuss the details of your updated payment plan.

First Entertainment Credit Union also offers Union Initiation Loans for those that need extra assistance in paying off Union Initiation and Member Fees. Learn more about this opportunity here.

QUESTION: This is the first I am hearing about this Local 399 COVID-19 Emergency Dues Policy, how do I learn more?
ANSWER: If you are a Member experiencing financial hardship, our Local 399 Executive Board has approved an Emergency Dues Policy to assist Members in need at this time. Click here or on the button below to submit a Withdrawal Request or to learn more.


If you don’t see your questions addressed above, you can reach out to your Business Agent or contact the Front Office via phone: 818-985-7374 or email: office@ht399.org. Please continue to stay connected to all of our channels of communications as we have a lot of information to share this week.