On May 17th & 18th a successful 2- Day Communication Summit took place in Oakland at Teamsters Local 2010 offices! Thank you to Teamsters Local 2010 & Teamsters Local 911 for sponsoring the event!

We had a group of 15 Locals, part of 3 different Joint Councils, in attendance to discuss the importance and value of effective Communication to our Members and the need to strengthen the voice of the Labor Movement at large across our Nation.

We want to thank our International Brotherhood of Teamsters California Labor Federation & Communication Coordinators: Christian Castro of Teamsters Local 2010 & Teamsters Local 911, Nicole Casey & Crystal Young of Teamsters 856 & Amy Gorton of Teamsters Local 399 for their presentations in the course of the 2-Day Summit!

Thank you to Joint Council 42, Joint Council 7, and Joint Council 28 & to all that paved the way to make this training happen. We are looking forward to seeing this curriculum develop further and grow to include more Locals. 

Thanks you to Teamsters Local 665, Teamsters local 324, Teamsters Local 350, Teamsters Local 117, Teamsters 856, Teamsters Local 853, Teamsters Local 396, Teamsters Local 174, Teamsters Local 2875, & Teamsters local 70 for being in attendance! 

If you are interested in having your Local learn more about how to effectively communicate to your Members and the tools of communication that our out there please email: teamsterscommsummit@gmail.com.