Calvin McDowell

Representing: Representing: Commercials, Quixote Drivers, Quixote Grip & Lighting.

Calvin began his career in the film industry in 1998 working in Commercials and Music Videos. He joined Local 399 in 2013. Calvin became the Shop Steward at Quixote in
2014 after working 9 years with the Company. Calvin has worked in almost every department within the film industry, ranging from the production office, to on set, and in front of the camera. He is also Member of the IBT National Black Caucus and now serves as a Trustee on the Western Region of the TNBC. 

Lindsay Dougherty

Representing: Organizing Television Series, Features and New Media Productions, Paramount Pictures, ABC TV Network, ABC Office Employees, Wranglers, and Animal Trainers

Lindsay Dougherty is a second generation Teamster from Detroit, Michigan, who has been a Member for over 10 years. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006, Lindsay moved to Los Angeles to continue to work on major motion pictures as a Transportation Dispatcher. Since 2014, Lindsay has been a Business Agent as well as an Organizer for Local 399. She serves as a Delegate for the LA Federation of Labor and for the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, she is also the Director of Diversity for Local 399 and she was elected as an Alternate Local 399 Delegate for the 2016 IBT Delegate Convention and served as the Reader at the convention. Lindsay has fostered many relationships with our members and other Teamster Locals across the nation.

Ed Duffy

Representing: Location Professionals, Casting Directors and Government Affairs

Ed Duffy is Local 399’s Business Agent for Casting Directors and Location Managers. He is an Executive Board Member and Chair of Operations of FilmLA and a member of the L.A. City & County Film Task Forces. He is also our Political Director and the representative for Local 399 on the State Film Incentive Alliance of Unions, Studios, and Vendors.

Ernie Barraza

Representing: REPRESENTING: 24/7 Delivers, Classic Couriers, Consolidated Scenic Services, FTS Couriers, Green Co., Green Set, Jackson Shrub, Omega Cinema Props, Paskal Lighting, Prop Services West, Reel Greens, Scenic Expressions, Take One Motion Picture Plant Rentals, Triscenic, Western Studio Services, Universal Studios (including the Tour Drivers, Mechanics and City Walk Engineers) and Herc Entertainment

Ernie became a Teamster in 1998 driving for a beer company as a rank-and-file Class A Driver. Soon after his time doing volunteer organizing, General President Hoffa requested that Ernie be hired as a full time Organizer and Strategist for the International. While at the International, Ernie handled media and helped with political aspects for the organizing department. Ernie worked on the Toll Port Drivers campaign, which was the first company organized in the LA and Long Beach ports in over 30 years.

After (4) years as an Organizer for the IBT, Ernie was asked by the Joint Council 42 Executive Board to join the “NO ON 32” Task force.

After that campaign, Ernie was hired by Ron Herrera, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396 to help strategize and organize all of the non-Union waste companies in the industry. He later became a full time organizer for JC42. Ernie joined Teamsters Local 399 as a Business Agent in 2016.

Chris Sell

Representing: CBS Studio Center, CBS Television Drivers, Fox, Sony, Sony Couriers, Raleigh Studios, Manhattan Beach Studios, Culver Studios

Chris Sell has been a Member of Local 399 going on 20 years and has been a Trustee and Business Agent since 2014. In his time at the Union hall, Chris has worked closely with CSATF, CSATTF and MPIPHP. Chris helps with organizing and administrating the commercial contract. He has also sets up DOT Classes, CDL training, retirement seminars, skills training through our Black Book contract and helps Members receive their passenger endorsement. 

Joshua Staheli

Representing: Commercials/Organizing, Quixote, King Kong, Music Videos, Warner Brothers, Animal Trainers / Wranglers (Alternate)

Joshua Staheli joined Teamsters Local 399 in 1996 and has worked in television and commercial production for two decades. Before joining Teamsters Local 399 as a Business Agent, Joshua worked as a Transportation Coordinator for 20th Century Fox Television. He spent 6 years as a Commercial Gang Boss and Driver. He has also worked as a Captain, Co-Captain and DOT Compliance Specialist.

Joshua completed the International Brotherhood of Teamster’s Leadership Academy in Washington DC and has earned a Certificate of Achievement in Labor Studies from the Los Angeles Federation of Labor and the LATTC Labor center. Joshua also serves as a Delegate for the LA County Federation of Labor.

Kenny Farnell

Representing: Disney, HBO, ABC Studios, Studio Services,Viacom, Warner Brothers Alternate, Universal Studio Lower Lot (and Tour) Alternate

 Kenny Farnell is a 3rd-generation Teamster who has been a Member for 32 years. The first 11 years as a Member of Teamsters Local 25 in Boston, and for the last 21 years as a Member of Local 399. Kenny has worked as a Captain and a Driver on both foreign and domestic productions. Kenny has forged relationships with Teamster Locals and Members across the nation.

Kenny has also served as a Trustee on the Executive Board since 2014 and was an Alternate Delegate at this years IBT International Convention. Kenny also serves as a Delegate for the LA County Federation of Labor and is now serving on the Executive Board as the President of Teamsters Local 399. 

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