Calvin McDowell

Representing: Commercials, Music Videos, Jeeves Transportation, King Kong Production Vehicle, Quixote Production Vehicles, Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse, Sirreel, ABC TV Network Drivers ABC Office / ABC, Inc."

Victor Rangel

Representing: Warner Bros, Consolidated Scenic Services, Pakala Crewing, Goodnight & Company Industries, Jackson Shrub, MPI Drivers, York Transporation, HBO

Ed Duffy

Representing: Locations

Political Coordinator 

Ernie Barraza

Representing: 24/7 Delivers, Chef Assistants, Cinelease, Classic Couriers, Citywalk (Hilltop), Omega Cinema Props, Prop Services West, PRG California, Inc., Scenic Expressions, Universal Studios Hollywood Tours, Take 2 Productions, Green Set, Reel Greens, Inc., Triscenic Production Vehicles, Western Studio Services

Jason Ide

Representing: Casting, Contract Services, Herc Entertainment Services, Zio Sunset Studios, TelevisionCity Services

Contract, Grievance & Arbitration Coordinator

Chris Sell

Representing: Paramount, Fox Corp. (Lot), Sony, Radford Studios, CBS Studios, Inc.

Joshua Staheli

Representing: Productions within 13 Western States (Distant Location), Lunch Box

Vice President, Trustee on Motion Picture Pension & Health Plan, IBT Motion Picture Division Western Region Representative, Staff Director

Kenny Farnell

Representing: Universal Studios, Disney

President, Trustee on Motion Picture Pension & Health Plans

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JUST ANNOUNCED: WGA Reaches Tentative Agreement w/ AMPTP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  “After 146 days on strike, Motion Picture Teamsters want to congratulate the Writers Guild of America West and East on their fight, tenacity and resolve to achieve … Continued

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