2018 Location Manager Negotiations: Tentative Agreement with AMPTP Has Been Reached


Contact: Teamsters Local 399, Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan 

Phone: (818) 985-7374 || Email: sdayan@ht399.org

Posted: Friday, September 7th 

Teamsters Local 399 has reached a tentative agreement with the AMPTP for a successor agreement to their recently extended 2015 Location Manager Agreement. As usual, these negotiations were a time to address the challenges and the needs of Entertainment Industry Location Professionals in order to fight for important gains in their Contract with the AMPTP.

Teamsters Local 399 and our Location Manager Steering Committee are unanimously recommending the contract for ratification. We will not be releasing details of the new agreement until we have received the Memorandum of Agreement from the AMPTP and have had an opportunity to inform our Membership of the terms of the new agreement.

Teamsters Local 399 would again like to thank President Loeb and the IATSE for laying the groundwork for us to be able to successfully conclude our negotiations. We’d also like to thank our Committee Members and our Membership who supported us during this entire process. 


Steve Dayan

Teamsters Local 399