For Graduating High School Seniors

The 8th Annual Leo T. Reed Memorial Scholarship Fund is now available to apply. 

The Teamsters Local 399 Charity Fund continues to manage the fundraising efforts and administration of this program. The scholarship program is intended to assist graduating high school seniors embarking on their first year of college, vocational program or trade school.

This past Friday, we hosted our 2nd Annual Hollywood Teamsters Charity Golf Tournament. We are proud to announce that through our golfers and generous sponsors, our Charity Fund was able to raise over $200,000. We will be highlighting the event and all of our sponsors in our upcoming Spring Newsreel. The success of our fundraising efforts has allowed us to expand our Leo T. Reed Scholarship Program this year. We will not be able to expand the winning applications to 15 Graduating High School Seniors and increase the award money for the top (5) applications. 

The Charity Fund will be awarding $7,500 to the top (5) applications and $5,000 to an additional (10) applicants. 

To apply, please complete the application in its entirety and either mail, email or drop-off at the Local Union Hall on or before June 9th, 2023.


Leo T. Reed Scholarship Fund

4747 Vineland Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91602



Eligibility Requirements:

  • No children of Teamsters Union Employees or Executive Board Members are Eligible.
  • Applications received after June 9th will not be considered.
  • Must be graduating High School Senior in the 2022-2023 School Year.
  • Student must be accepted by an accredited University, College Vocational or Trade School to apply.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

STUDENTS: You must fill out ALL information requested. You must Print / Type clearly. Please be sure to enclose the following with your application:

  1. An original ‘head shot’ photograph of yourself (No Paper Copies).
  2. Your official High School Transcripts through the 2022 Fall Semester.
  3. Proof of acceptance to the selected university, college, vocational or trade school

We wish all applicants the best of luck! 

DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 9th, 2023.