As many of you know, our Commercial Negotiations are just around the corner. We have been preparing with quarterly meetings over the past year to learn more about what the collective group wants to see accomplished through bargaining.

As we prepare to launch a new Commercial Contract survey, we first want to set aside some time to meet with smaller, classification specific groups for pre-negotiations discussions. We see this as a place to voice ongoing issues, concerns and share what YOU want to see in the upcoming negotiations as it pertains to your job. I want to be clear, we are united in our contract fight for ALL classifications. This will be space to expand upon classification specific issues to be addressed. Shortly following these meetings, we will launch an updated contract survey. 

See THIS SUNDAY’s meeting schedule below:

Please click on the meeting link that pertains to your classification, and register for Sunday’s meeting. You are welcome to attend all (3) meetings, however please note, we will be focusing on the group at hand during each meeting. If you already registered you do not need to do so again. 

The link to join will be sent upon approval and one hour prior to the meeting so it can be easily found in your email on the morning of the meeting. 

This will be an important step in preparing for negotiations as it will be a place to share your opinions and questions. Your contract is the greatest tool on the job, and to be successful we will need everyone’s participation in the fight.

If you have any questions or topics you wish to see addressed, please include on the registration form.