Message from the Secretary-Treasurer

By Leo T. Reed

This busy issue reflects a busy and effective local.

— You can join us in paying tribute to Randy Peterson, who retired as a Business Agent and Vice President after 36 years of Teamster service.

— You will read about changes to our staff and how two new business agents busted a show with only 12 Local 399 drivers and 50 pieces of Hollywood equipment.

— You will join almost 5,000 Teamsters and their families who visited our Motion Picture Division booth at the recent Teamsters International Convention and learn of their respect for our unique industry and what our Teamsters have achieved.

There are stories ranging from the new Executive Board positions to raising public awareness about the hardships that face dependents of military personnel.

And you can join us in being very impressed by Katherine McCance, a 4.7 GPA student who won both the Joint Council 42 and IBT scholarships.

What we are emphasizing in this publication is that Local 399 is involved in the welfare of our members beyond the day-to-day representation. Yes, we check on shows and process grievances, but we also concern ourselves with the big picture, like influencing legislation that brings work back to Hollywood.

We’re concerned about anti-union actions against public employees in Wisconsin and Ohio, because we know that what impacts a union member in other parts of the country can make a slow, insidious journey to the West. Experience has taught us that when a union in the Midwest makes generous concessions, it impacts Hollywood jobs.

We need your help. The most pressing issue facing us is the need to preserve jobs. At the recent union meeting I urged all members to stand united. We must not let producers divide us. I’m repeating that same important message I emphasize over and over. Our clout in collective bargaining and contract enforcement will only be achieved by standing together.

Enjoy the publication. I hope it brings out your faith and pride and makes you feel you are an important part of a close- knit Teamster family.