“We are beyond pleased to announce the expansion of the Film and Television Tax Incentives through AB1839 by the State of California. This decision could not have come about without the committed support from our Members by way of writing letters and putting pressure on our Legislature to show the importance of this bill. We thank all those that tirelessly worked to bring our jobs home.” Secretary Treasurer Steve Dayan.

Governor Jerry Brown officially announced today that he would be approving the Film/TV Tax Incentive expansion to $330 Million each year for the next 5 years. This total more than triples the current allotted amount, which sits at only $100 Million.

“This law will make key improvements in our Film and Television Tax Credit Program and put thousands of Californians to work.” said Governor Jerry Brown.

This decision to expand the Film/TV tax incentives will have a direct impact on the jobs of our Members and other entertainment Guilds and Unions across the state. By allocating more money to the Film/TV tax incentives California can better compete with other states that have recently implemented aggressive tax incentives in an attempt to drive the Entertainment Industry out of California.

Entertainment Unions, Guilds, Members joined together to fight for their jobs and the outcome is something to be very proud and thankful for.

Let’s get to work and continue to show the world why California has been and will always be the heart and soul of the Entertainment Industry.