Regarding AB1839 we feel you should be informed with the most pressing and updated information we have to share.

This week started off with numbers finally attached to AB1839. Right now the bill shows the annual tax credits being increased from $100 million to $400 million, which the alliance, the authors and legislators have fought very hard for to be competitive.

As many of you know last Wednesday we had a very successful Mobilization Day drawing over 400 entertainment Union, small business owners, film Liaisons throughout the State and others to the steps of the Capitol in support of AB1839. Many legislators spoke as well as Carl Weathers, Daniel Stern, Ron Pearlman. I think the most moving for many there were the Crew Members from the TV California incentive driven series “Pretty Little Liars”. Representatives from every department of the production took the day off to come as a group to show their support of AB1839.

We had many elements to this day that will be spelled out in detail in later articles including the fact that the Assembly even took a break in the middle of the day for many of them to come out and join us in support. You can find pictures at the web site or on the Teamsters Local 399 Facebook page.

We definitely got the Governors attention – and the next few days are crucial!

During this time discussions between the Legislatures leadership and the Governor are on going and the $400 million dollars annual allotment is being discussed and possibly affected by those discussions.

The bill must reach the Governors desk by August 31st!

Again, if you have not sent a letter, email or message to Governor Brown in support of AB1839 now is the time. Every story or letter is important at this time!

To sign a letter to Governor Jerry Brown please click here!

Please don’t hesitate if you haven’t done it already!

Thanks for the support.