Please carefully read our informational guide to voting electronically for our AICP Commercial Extension Agreement Ratification vote. We’ve provided as much information as possible to avoid any confusion about the electronic voting process. AICP Commercial Extension Agreement Ratification Voting will OPEN in the afternoon of Saturday, December 18th at 2PM and CLOSE on Tuesday, December 21st at 5PM.

1. I did not receive a text message or an email with my ballot. What do I do?

Ballots will be sent via text message and/or email in the afternoon of Saturday, December 18th. After the initial send, ElectionBuddy will be sending emails and text message ballot reminders to our Members to remind them to vote before the Tuesday, December 21st deadline.  After you have cast your vote, you will no longer receive notifications about voting from ElectionBuddy.

If you did not receive your ballot on Saturday, December 18th via email or text message, please contact: (For Weekend Support) (For Weekday Support)

2. What is the password I am expected to enter in order to access my ballot?

In order to protect vote security, personal unique voting keys are created and used only once. Election Buddy will be requiring you to input the last 4 of your SSN linked to your unique voter key to ensure your vote is protected and fulfilled by you.

3. I did not receive a text message or an email with my ballot and ElectionBuddy is telling me they cannot find me in their system as someone eligible to vote. How do I get my ballot?

Please contact to obtain your ballot.  Please remember, in order to be eligible to vote, you must be a Member in good-standing, not retired, suspended or on withdrawal, and you must also be eligible to work under the AICP Commercial Agreement. Should you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Union Hall via

4. I click on my ballot link provided to vote and my password (last 4 of my SSN) is reading incorrect. What do I do?

Please contact the Union Hall via to ensure we have your correct information on file. If the information is correct, please contact ElectionBuddy: to let them know you are experiencing issues when inputting your information.

5. I click on the ballot link provided to vote and after entering in my password (last 4 of SSN) it says I have already voted, but I haven’t. What do I do?

Please contact ElectionBuddy directly for assistance if this issue should occur:

6.  I was not at the informational meeting on Saturday, December 18th how will I know the details of the proposed AICP Contract Extension.

With your electronic ballot you will receive all information regarding what you are voting on. Should you have questions or issues accessing the information, please email:

7. How can I best prepare to receive my ballot by email to ensure it doesn’t end up in my junk mail or is treated like spam? 

To help ensure emails are delivered successfully, Members should be on the lookout for an email:

  • FROM email: ElectionBuddy Elections (
  • With a subject line that states: Teamsters Local 399 – AICP Commercial Agreement Extension Ratification

8. What is the Election Company we are using for our Electronic Voting?

The Election Company we are utilizing for our electronic contract ratification vote is called ElectionBuddy. “ElectionBuddy is about voting processes for Member-based organizations. Our Staff strives to simplify and secure elections and votes for voters, Members and Election Administrators.”

Source: ElectionBuddy Website:

8. How did we come about selecting ElectionBuddy to manage our Location Manager Contract Ratification Vote?

We were originally referred to the platform by other Teamster Locals that had been using the ElectionBuddy system for their contract campaigns over the years. We have been using Election Buddy at Teamsters Local 399 since the 2018.

See list of other Unions that have trusted ElectionBuddy to manage their elections:

9. Is ElectionBuddy Secure?

Fairness and independent observation of an online election system is enhanced using technology. Proper audits start with proper security. ElectionBuddy uses 256KB encryption used by banks and credit card companies, and follows stringent election security guidelines for election processes, such as the United States Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards for elections. They also follow PCI standards for secure storage of information. Vote audits are always conducted to protect voter anonymity; none but you and the election company will ever know the voting choice you made.

10. How much involvement will the staff of Local 399 have in overseeing and managing the Location Manager Contract Ratification Vote?

Teamsters Local 399 will be utilizing ElectionBuddy’s dedicated assistance option for our Commercial Contract Extension Ratification Vote. What this means is that ElectionBuddy will be in charge of overseeing every aspect of the voting process. They will also be responsible for reviewing the results and certifying the election once completed. Teamsters Local 399 will work in conjunction with Election Buddy to ensure all eligible members that wish to vote in this election are able to.

11. If I need assistance, when should I reach out?

If you need assistance over the weekend, please email .

If you need assistance during the weekday, between 6AM – 2PM, email:

Please make sure to reach out BEFORE 12PM on Tuesday, December 21st to ensure there is enough time to troubleshoot your issue.

12. How will the votes be tabulated and when will the results of the Contract Ratification be announced?

Results are automatically tabulated. Results will be shared to the bargaining unit upon completion of the vote. All votes will remain anonymous even after the results are revealed and Local 399 will not know how individual Members voted. Your anonymity is protected throughout this process.  You will also be able to ensure your vote was properly included in the results. We will share the election results with the Membership once the election has concluded on Tuesday, December 21st at 5PM.