We have just received the final version of the document and a link to the full version of the Agreement can be found below. We have also prepared a brief ‘Return to Work’ Summary addressing some of the most commonly asked questions thus far.

‘Return to Work’ Summary

This summary of information “highlights” some of the provisions but not all the provisions of the extension agreement.

  1. The extension agreement runs through 9/30/21.
  2. “Triggers” have been implemented in this agreement that will allow employers to “snap back” to the previous protocols in the event of a spike or surge in a particular jurisdiction.
  3. Employers shall notify the Union if they intend to mandate vaccination in Zone A on any production. Employers who mandate vaccination in Zone A may request to see a vaccination card or digital proof of vaccination.
  4. The companies MAY mandate vaccination for Zone A employees ONLY and “Cast Drivers.” Zone A employees are defined as all employees who are present in a workspace with a performer or background actor while the performer or background actor is not wearing PPE. Members who have a medical condition or a religious belief that precludes them from vaccination are exempt.
  5. Employees who have not yet vaccinated and choose to vaccinate can do so on company time.
  6. All prospective employees shall be required to take a pre-employment COVID-19 test before the commencement of employment. Testing protocols and the types of allowable tests have been expanded to include Pool testing and Antigen testing. Zone A will be tested once a week. Zone B will be tested every other week. Zones C and D will not require weekly testing.
  7. The $250.00 stipend for testing remains in place If you are required to leave your home to test.
  8. Some protocols around catering and meals may be implemented which allow for catering staff to serve the crew. Some mask mandates may be relaxed when working outdoors. (Due to the L.A. County mandate, masking is now required indoors).

Should you have any additional questions at this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Business Agent or me.