To Members of Teamsters Local 399:

As the New Year begins, Saving the Lives of Our Own wishes to express sincere appreciation to the Teamsters Local 399 for your continued support of industry efforts to keep the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s historic Long Term Care Unit and Hospital open.

In the almost two years since the MPTF announced its closure plan, Teamsters have remained unwavering in opposition to the Fund’s inexplicable departure from its founding “we take care of our own” mission. Saving the Lives of Our Own is grateful to be allied with America’s Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Teamsters and we celebrate your commitment to the powerful promise “the Teamsters back up, but we don’t back down.”

The Teamsters’ leadership has been as visionary as that of the MPTF’s founders in recognizing the importance of our industry’s moral and ethical commitment to our peers, not only during our career years, but also in our later years when many of us will face our greatest personal and healthcare challenges. Accordingly we must all continue to stand as one to take care of our own. The need for quality elder care is growing—not diminishing. It is even greater today than it was 90 years ago when MPTF co-founder Mary Pickford proclaimed, “There is a crying need for a home and hospital available especially to the cinema folk.”

Saving the Lives of Our Own is proud to have the Teamsters as a strong ally in preserving and honoring the MPTF’s founding vision for present and future generations of industry workers and their families—who should never be denied the medical and skilled nursing care that define the humanity, heart and soul of our community.

To all Teamsters and their families—a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


Saving the Lives of our Own

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