SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes along with a coalition of labor and film industry leaders applauded Governor Jerry Brown for signing AB 1069 into law today. AB 1069, which Assemblymember Fuentes authored, extends the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program by an additional year.

“I’d like to applaud Governor Brown’s leadership in signing AB 1069 today,” said Assemblymember Fuentes. “By creating tens of thousands of jobs and pumping billions into our economy, the film and television tax credit program has truly been a statewide economic stimulus package.”

“I want to thank Governor Brown for realizing that AB 1069 creates vitally needed jobs, economic infusion for both the State and local businesses, as well as working to keep one of the cornerstone industries of California where it belongs,” said Leo T. Reed Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 399, who represents thousands of drivers, location managers, casting directors and other basic crafts in the entertainment industry.

“California’s film and television production tax incentive has a proven record of success in putting Californians back to work and I applaud the Governor and Assemblymember Fuentes for extending it until 2015,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian, a former state Assemblyman who in 2009 authored the first successful production tax incentive in California. “If our state government is serious about getting Californians back to work, we must be aggressive in preserving the industry that creates so many middle class jobs and supports so many local businesses both small and large. We must be willing to fight to keep the film and television production that is such an inextricable part of our identity, our history and our economy. We must never allow the day to come when we look up at the Hollywood sign on the hill and realize that ‘Hollywood’ is no longer here.”

“We are extremely gratified that AB 1069 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown after being approved overwhelmingly by both houses of the California State Legislature,” said Bryan Unger, Associate National Executive Director/Western Executive Director of the Directors Guild of America. “Thousands of our members live and work in California and this important legislation will help the state remain a viable location for film and TV production.

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