By-Law Amendment and Change to the Contract Regarding Crew Notification to Dispatch on a Daily Basis

Pursuant to Article 32(l) of Teamsters Local 399 By-Laws, “It shall be the responsibility of a Coordinator and/or Gang Boss working for a Producer to notify the Union on a daily basis via Facsimile or mail, the makeup of the existing crew and the current location(s) to the Local Business Office (Dispatch).

This is an internal Union matter based on the International Constitution and Local 399’s By-Laws.

In addition to the By-Law amendment, there is a new Paragraph 15.1 to the Black Book:

Effective January 1, 2011, the Producer shall, on a daily basis, provide to the Union a “rundown sheet” which shall include the following information: the name of each driver the Producer intends to employ the following day, the name of the production on which the driver is to be employed, the driver’s anticipated call time and the piece of equipment that the driver is expected to drive.

While we recognize things may change on a daily basis, this does not relieve the Transportation Coordinator or Captain from providing this vital information to Local 399 dispatch. Please be advised that failure to do so, will violate both the Local 399 By-Laws and the Black Book. Local 399 will vigorously enforce both the By-Laws and the contract.


Leo T. Reed