As promised, here are the Memorandum of Agreements for your review reflecting the changes to the current agreement.

Some highlights of the agreements include:

  • Secured raises (5.32% over two years)
  • Increased overtime premiums for both Drivers and Location Managers
  • Maintenance of benefits
  • Stake bed trucks now covered on shoot days
  • Added time and one half for the 6th day worked for Location Scouts/Managers Along with the DGA, we too expanded the low budget commercial provision.

This expansion will allow the AICP companies some flexibility in capturing low budget projects that, in turn, will provide more work for our members.

The Union is recommending that the contract be ratified.

Please review the agreements before the meeting on January 11th.

Ratification Meeting will be Sunday January 11th at 9AM

LOCATION: Pickwick Gardens

Please note you must be a Commercial Professional in Good Standing (not on withdrawal) to be eligible to vote.

We will be available to answer any questions prior to voting.