Greetings Local 399 Drivers,

There seems to be confusion surrounding this weekend’s Commercial Ratification Meeting.

This update is intended to clarify the voting process.

  • Meeting will be held THIS Sunday (January 11th) at 9AM at Pickwick Gardens.
  • This meeting is open to ALL Local 399 Drivers.
  • We are encouraging ALL Drivers working in the Commercial Industry to vote on the proposed contract.
  • You must be present and a Member in Good-Standing (not on withdrawal) to cast a vote.
  • A hard copy letter was mailed to all Commercial Drivers Local 399 had identified as working in commercials on December 20th, 2014. This letter was sent out as soon as a date and time for the meeting was determined.

Historically, a direct notification for a Commercial Ratification Meeting has been sent to ALL Members that are working in the Commercial Industry, not to everyone of our drivers. We worked off the same list that was generated in the past adding additional Members that embarked on Commercials since the last ratification meeting.

On top of posting updates on our website and and social media outlets (Facebook / Twitter) we have also been sending out direct emails to ALL Members subscribed to our email list.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to sign up to receive emails.

Teamsters Local 399 will never send you spam. What you can expect to receive however are important updates from the Local, event/meeting announcements and dues reminders.

Please sign up if you are interested in receiving these updates.