This is a call to any and all Industry Drivers who are willing to work at Universal Studios Hollywood driving a van for employee relocation from the lower lot parking garage to the upper lot at the park.

This work is primarily on weekends and is seasonal.

You will not be on the Universal Tour seniority roster.

**UPDATE** you must have an Unrestricted Passenger Endorsement license for this opportunity.

The work is covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Local 399 and Universal and pays $19.64 an hour. A separate list for this work will be maintained by the 399 Callboard, and the Drivers will be dispatched off that list in Grouping order. All calls will be issued by the Tour Dispatch.

If you are interested, call the 399 Callboard at 818.985.7550 and ask to be put on the Relocation Van list.