The California Highway Patrol will be participating in Brake Safety Week 2016. All Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities (CVEF) will be operating at their maximum ability during the week-long period. Other commercial enforcement personnel other than those at fixed facilities will participate in strike force activities during this period.

Beginning 09/11/2016 and ending 09/17/2016, at 1800 hours, commercial enforcement personnel will conduct Level IV inspections on trucks and buses, focusing on commercial driver license requirements, registration, low air warning device, brake push rod travel, brake linings/drums, air loss rate (if a leak is detected), and tractor protection systems.

Educational events may be held to supplement enforcement activities.

One facility that has schedule an educational event is the Grapevine CVEF. The Grapevine CVEF will be hosting a trucker appreciation day on October 4, 2016. A free BBQ lunch will be provided to commercial drivers as well as educational booths to answer any questions a driver or company might have.

We will be posting any more educational events as we are notified! 

Read more about 2016 Safety Brake Week here.