The Motion Picture Division Policy Committee met in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 and Thursday, December 1, 2011. Present were the following officials: Patrick Dougherty, Local 337; Jerry Carter, Local 728; John Coli Sr. and Jr., Local 727; L.D. Fletcher, Local 509; Leo T. Reed, Sr., Local 399; Brent Taylor, Local 745; Frank Perkins, Local 657; Mark Harrington, Local 25; Walter Maestas and Moises Ortega, Local 492; David Frost, Local 362; Al Porter, Teamsters Canada and Local 362; Ken Marsden and Lorrie Ward, Local 155; Rich Gibson, Tom Schatz, Ron Schwab, and Galen Munroe, IBT; and Tony Cousimano, Local 399. This meeting was chaired by Leo T. Reed, IBT Director of the Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade Division. The guest speakers were Terry Wolf, the D.O.T. Division Administrator, Max Johnson from the Motion Picture Compliance Solution Company, Mike Miller, International Vice President and Motion Picture Director of the IATSE Union, and Leo T. Reed, Sr. Brother Randy Cammack solidified this meeting with his presence. The subjects and issues that were presented and discussed were D.O.T. Regulations and Enforcement in the Motion Picture Industry, solidarity, jurisdiction issues, and a nationwide area standard. A very informative meeting, and the committee agreed to initiate a sub-committee to go over the jurisdiction issues and finalize it with a recommendation. The Committee will be scheduled in late February, 2012.

We are together, and we are one!

Business Agent Shanda Laurent reports miscellaneous grievances have been filed on the following productions: “Body of Proof”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Man Up”, “Revenge”, “Cougar Town”, “NCIS”, “90210”, “Jack and Jill”, “Parks and Recreation”, “CSI Miami”, “Entourage”, “Pretend Wife”, “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “Tin Star”, “Seven Psychopaths”, and the “Lone Ranger”. We expect a lot of calls regarding “The Lone Ranger”, and we will act quickly; and “Taken 2” for keeping group 2’s and laying off group 1’s, laying off drivers to avoid forced calls and not enough drivers to cover all equipment on move days. Settled grievances include “Big Sur” for meal penalties in the amount of $68,142.11 to the members; Emerald City “OZ” for $7,500.00 in liquidated damages and CBS “NCIS” for $257.92 in liquidated damages. Congratulations to the Cinelease Drivers and CBS Network Drivers on their new contracts.

Business Agent Leo Reed Jr. reports miscellaneous grievances have been filed on the following productions: “Intercept”, “Make It Or Break It”, “Django Unchained”, “Criminal Minds”, “Lab Rats,” “Austin and Ally”, “Shake It Up”, “Jessie”, “Grimm”, “R.I.P.D.”, “Entertainment Tonight”, and “Lords Of Salem”. Settled grievances include: “Iron Cross” – 399 Driver sent to distant location and received per diem and housing for a Non Rostered-Non 399 Driver on L.A. equipment; “One Shot” – a Driver was made whole for unpaid meal money, per diem and housing; “Tin Star” – Several Drivers made whole for unpaid per diem and housing; and “90210” for improper use of Special Equipment Drivers. We are still fighting the wrongful discharge of 5 drivers at Fox; and an arbitration date has been set for March 2, for two group 1s that were laid off before group 2s.

Business Agent George Nadian reports miscellaneous grievances have been filed on the following productions: “Perception”, “New Girl”, “Switched At Birth”, “Bent”, “Justified”, “Up All Night” “Seven Psychopaths”, “Magnus Rex”, “Partizan”, “Intercept”, “Manic”, “Iron Cross”, “Compass USA”, “OZ”, “Love Lace”, and “Taken 2”. Settled grievances include “G.I. Joe” for an unmanned stunt trailer in the amount of $9,122.03; “Seven Psychopaths” in the amount of $19,000; “Manic” for $582.84 in liquidated damages “Switched At Birth” in the amount of $360.93; $500.00 for a Techno crane trailer ; “Intercept” in the amount of $579.95 for displacing a Driver on the Craft service truck; and “Iron Cross” in the amount of $6279 to a member for breach of the Traveler Agreement.

Also of note, commercial company “Compass USA” was signed; “Believe Media” hired a Group 1 to replace a crew member who was caught shuttling grip equipment; a Transportation Coordinator trying to avoid force calls by sending Drivers home early the night before, corrected the timecards and paid the force calls; and another common carrier was caught at Universal off loading for a Paramount show” One Shot” being filmed in Pittsburg.

President Anthony Cousimano is happy to report the Local won a big arbitration against the H.S.I. Company. It was determined that one of our Members had his rights violated by this Employer which resulted in a back pay award of more than $30,000.00. In addition, all benefits were reinstated, as well as the ability to work for this employer in the future with no restrictions.

Grievances filed and are pending against Warner Bros. include the following shows and facilities: “Autumn Frost”, Warner Bros. Feature, “Suburgatory”, Warner Bros. Television, “Shameless”, Warner Bros. Television, and Greens Department Facility.

Business Agent Steve Dayan reports the following productions organized and signed in the months of December 2011 and January 2012 include: “Lovelace,” “Noobz,” “Woodridge Productions, Inc. Casting Directors Term Agreement,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Episodes,” “Taken 2,” “Amityville,” “Beautiful Creatures,” “Knife Fight,” “Killing Mr. Wright (AKA) Blue Eyed Butcher,” “Invisible Casting, LLC Casting Directors Term Agreement,” “Crossing Paths,” “The East,” “The Pitch,” “Sworn To Silence,” “Evil Dead,” “Crooked Arrow,” “Black Forest,” “Born To Be Blue,” “Ray Donovan,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “The Biggest Loser,” and “Zombies and Cheerleaders.”

BA Tom Marchetti reports Commercial Productions reached an all time high for 2011 with a total of 7,079 shoot days (does not include shoot days out of Los Angeles). The Teamster commercial contract now covers nine states and provides thousands of jobs for our members.

Also of note, a new 4 year CityWalk contract was100% unanimously approved by the members and boasts higher wages and pension.

Heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Members George Herthel, Steve Earle, and John McComb who recently passed away.

Heartfelt condolences to John Kemmler on the passing of his mother,Vivian Kemmler and Location Scout Mark Freid on the passing of his father, Sidney Freid.