On October 9, 2011 Governor Brown signed AB 1069, the 100 million dollar Film and TV productions tax credit to a 1 year extension through 2013/14. These incentives have definitely helped in keeping productions home. Ed Duffy is commended, and again for also working with the other guilds and unions meeting with Senators Feinstein’s and Boxer’s staff to combat piracy and foreign profiteers that operate illegal websites. It clearly affects our pension and health contributions. For more details, check the website.

Currently management is not happy by the innumerable bona fide grievances filed by our Business Agents especially the newly appointed ones who are chomping at the bit. You have seen them at locations more than ever before. They are anxious! The consequence is that the members are calling, 7 days a week. The members are anxious too because those Business Agents have earned their trust and confidence with results, and allowing the callers to remain nameless if they prefer, for obvious reasons.

Those Business Agents have caused the demise of a number of UPM’s and Transportation Coordinators. It is not personal. We will do what we have to do legally and systematically to get the job done, and that is to enforce the contract to the max. There is no hate involved. It is all about the love. We love to kick those people’s asses (legally, of course) when they try to “screw” our members.

Business Agent George Nadian is proud to report a signed contract has been received on Quentin Tarantino’s $90 million movie, “Django Unchained.” Special thanks go out to all of our members who got involved in helping us track down this production and getting it signed.

BA Nadian’s settled grievances include “Jester Films” in the amount of $4,500.00 which includes $2,085.00 to the members and $2,415 in liquidated damages; “Untitled Western” in the amount of $2,850.00 for displacing a Dispatcher; “Coyote Films” in the amount of $3,851.28 for displacing Drivers and using P.A.’s to shuttle crew; and “Motion Theory” in the amount of $2,917.11for unmanned equipment.

Pending grievances include “Five Year Engagement”, “G.I. Joe” and “Partizan Entertainment” for non-roster, non 399 Drivers; “Untitled Western” for meal penalties; “We Have Your Husband” for night premiums; “Necessary Roughness” for an uncovered Hollywood trailer; “Avengers”, “Artemis” and “Five Year Engagement” for multiple grievances; and “Oz” for a Driver not placed on payroll.

George would like to personally thank all the Members for calling in.

Business Agent Leo T. Reed Jr. reports the following settled grievances: “This Is 40” – Drivers were paid per diem when they were lodged overnight in the studio zone; “How to Be a Gentleman” – Company settled with a day’s pay in liquidated damages for personnel issues and paid the 1st On Production Gang Boss a retro check for an incorrect rate. “R.I.P.D.” – 2 Drivers from 399 took 2 trailers to Boston after 2 common carriers were intercepted by several members of Local 399. “We Have Your Husband” – Drivers were paid meal money and meal penalties; “Dexter” – settled for $6,000 in liquidated damages for grouping violations plus meal penalties for Drivers that worked through lunch; “CSI Miami” – Group 1 Driver received back pay and brought back to work after being laid off out of grouping; “NCIS – LA” Drivers now being paid when they drive in front of the camera.

The following grievances have been filed and pending: Universal’s “House” for grouping violations; “R.I.P.D.”, for common carrier violations; “This Is 40” and “Five Year Engagement” for meal penalties; “Savages”, “House”, “Parenthood” and “This Is 40” for benefit violations on Lunchbox Drivers; Paramount’s “One Shot” for meal money, per diem, and housing violations; Both ABC/Touchstone and Fox’s “Bones” for non-roster, non 399 Drivers; and Fox for the wrongful discharge of 5 Drivers.

There is no such thing as a courtesy room. If you spend the night anywhere away from home, you are entitled to per diem.

Business Agent Shanda Laurent reports the following settled grievances “Man Up,” for Meal Penalties; “House” for $260.00; and “Necessary Roughness” for $25,000.00.

Filed and pending grievances include: “Cougar Town”, “Avengers”, “Revenge”, “Man Up”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “Total Recall” for not paying Meal Money on shifts under 12 hours; “Marvel” for not paying housing and per diem; “We Bought a Zoo”, “NCIS,” “Cougar Town,” “90210,” “Jack and Jill,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Mad Love,” “CSI Miami, Entourage,” “Pretend Wife,” “Make It or Break It,” and “The Jimmy Kimmel Show.” for non-roster, non-399 Wranglers. If you notice animals working on a production please call it in. Production companies are using non-union people for bargaining unit work. These are hours that could be contributed to your health care to benefit us all.

President Anthony Cousimano reports that Warner Bros. continues to stall Local 399 on processing all of the grievances pending against their company. We are prepared, if necessary, to file the appropriate unfair labor practice charges (NLRB) to force them to provide Local 399 with the necessary information to go forward. The following shows have grievances pending Arbitration: “Autumn Frost,” Warner Bros. Feature, “Magnus Rex,” Warner Bros. Feature, “Rock of Ages,” New Line Cinema Feature, “Little In Common,” Warner Bros. Television. There are also grievances filed against Facilities at Warner Bros. for continuing Golf Cart violations.

Business Agent Tom Marchetti reports that talks for a new Citywalk contract are under way.

Recent grievances were filed on: “Aero Film”, “Rockhard Production”, “Smuggler”, “Prettybird”, “Duo Films”, and Hungry Man. If a Gang Boss causes a grievance, his name will appear on that grievance. So follow the rules!

BA Marchetti also wishes to acknowledge all of his Shop Stewards: ABC Network Steve Arriola; Universal Citywalk Enrique Enrique; Universal Tours Chris Lawton; Tram Garage Jim Brigham; 24/7 Charles Gutierrez; and Deluxe Labs Jamarra Dotson. Good job!

Heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of members Bill W. Cole and Irene Forrest who recently passed away.

Heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of retirees Danny Anglin and Darryll Legendre who recently passed away.