President Anthony Cousimano reports that the contract proposal questionnaires have been sent out to the membership at Warner Bros Courier. Please fill them out and return to the Local asap. Negotiations will start sometime in late July.

Warner Bros: Grievances still pending in the Greens department on issues concerning working on the 6th day.

Business Agent Leo T. Reed Jr. reports the following grievances have been settled: Disney-“The Lone Ranger” made a driver whole for not getting his per diem and housing; CBS-“Entertainment Tonight” paid two Group 1 drivers a ten hour day each when they were laid off before a Group 2 Driver; Sony-“Sparkle” a driver was finally paid the SAG daily rate in addition to his driver rate when he drove in front of the camera; RSA Films- “Daybreak” drivers were finally paid on time and even received their last check early; Snake and Mongoose LLC- “Snake and Mongoose” a driver was finally made whole for the day he had worked and wasn’t paid; Universal Tours- After having been recently terminated from the tours, we had the no-hire letter of the driver rescinded and he has gone back to work; and Fox- After terminating 5 drivers from “Modern Family,” the company has finally agreed to remove their no-hire letters effective January 1, 2013. The Following Grievances have been filed: TT Productions, LLC-“Tick Tock” was grieved for not paying drivers for all hours worked and for not paying all meal money owed; and Universal- At the Hart St. warehouse, grips have been driving the forklifts.

Business Agent George Nadian reports the following grievances filed: The New Mexico production “Longmire” for no housing or per diem or idle days, and a non-rostered forklift driver was replaced by a rostered group 1 driver for the run of the show; “Don Jons Addiction” for a non-rostered driver on a Maxi Van, no meal money being paid and falsification of time cards; “Grimm” for re-plating Los Angles trucks and putting on local drivers; “Bun Head” for a non rostered driver on the water truck. The Producer is working on a settlement; “Lucky Stiff” for non-rostered drivers on a craft service truck and a techno crane. Settled grievances include 6th day pay to a driver on “Lone Ranger”.

BA Shanda Laurent reports a $733.00 settlement with the production company DNA for a music video hiring a non-rostered driver doing bargaining unit work. A grievance was settled with a major studio for $47,014.52 on behalf of 25 Local 996 Hawaii drivers.

Several grievances remain outstanding and we are actively trying to settle these grievances with the prospective studios: MIB3, Bling Ring, Luck, Tin Star, 1000ae, Marvel and several others. Please be patient, we are working diligently on your behalf to get the effected members wages and monies that are owed them.

Django had several non-rostered drivers hauling equipment in gators from the transportation trucks to set. The craft service person, who is also a non-rostered driver was pulling his own craft service trailer. Both of these issues are violations of our contract. Gators are 399 jurisdiction and drivers should not let other departments do our work.

There are wrangler grievances against Longmire, for non rostered non 399 persons doing animal work.

Business Agent Ed Duffy reports that the Location Manager’s contract negotiations with the AMPTP will begin in late July. The Casting Director’s contract negotiations with the AMPTP will begin in early September. Please see the JC 42 article for important information regarding incentives.

Business Agent Steve Dayan reports the following productions signed in the months of May and June 2012 include: “You Are Here,” “Atlantic Gold,” “Labor Day,” “Snake & Mongoose,” “Mall,” “Three Days In Vegas,” “Scary Movie 5,” “Knight of Cups,” “Behind The Candelabra,” “Rectify,” “White House Taken,” “Bitter Pill,” “Jobs,” “They Die By Dawn,” “The June Carter Cash Story,” “The Freezer,” “Being Human 3,” “Grace Unplugged,” “Don Jon’s Addiction,” “School Dance,” “Baggage Claim,” “Raging Bull II,” “Possession of Michael King,” “Thicker Than Water,” “Mary & Martha,” “Saving Harmony,” “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” “Comedy Central Stand Up Comedy Special,” “The Diggy Project,” “Reed Between The Lines,” “What Would Dylan Do,” “The Great Escape,” “Safe Haven,” “Devil’s Knot,” “Brothers-In-Law,” “I’m Not Dead Yet,” “House of Cards,” “Machete Kills,” “The Hive,” “Geography Club,” and “Goodbye World.”

Business Agent Tom Marchetti would like to remind commercial gang bosses that the Grip/Electric department stake bed drivers must be properly grouped. The driver may be a Hyphenate; however, the driver must be in the proper group. Drivers of other equipment cannot drive stake beds. Each driver must be assigned to only one piece of equipment.