After a successful launch of the first phase of our new Call Board System, we are excited to announce we are ready to roll out the second phase of the Call Board rebuild to our Membership.

As reported at our recent General Membership Meetings, Phase 1 was about successfully moving our Call Board Dispatchers into the new system, while at the same time developing new protocols that allow for enhanced reporting and capturing of Member data, easier internal communication between Dispatchers and Business Agents and better tracking of potential workplace violations.

Phase Two of our Call Board system is the launch of our new SMS technology to easily manage your availability, check the contact information we have on file for you, as well as check your dues paid through date. This new technology is to REPLACE our previous system that required a username / password login. Now your mobile phone will unlock information and the opportunity to easily update your Availability on the go. You no longer must register to use the Call Board functionality. If you are a member in good-standing (not suspended or on withdrawal) and have the correct mobile phone number on file, you should be able to utilize this new tool! We found that the previous online system was significantly underutilized and hope this new workflow will encourage members to easily keep up with your information and employment status.

Based on the mobile phone number you have on file; Members are now able to simply text the Call Board phone number: (818) 985-7550 one of the simple one word KEYWORD prompts below to update and interact with your information.

For this process to work, there are a few best practices to follow (please carefully review):

  2. TEXT THE KEYWORD AND ONLY THE KEYWORDS HIGHLIGHTED BELOWAnything outside of just the word will trigger an error (no additional characters, emojis or misspellings)
  3. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN GOOD-STANDING IF YOU WISH TO MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE. If you are on a WITHDRAWAL or SUSPENDED status, you will also receive an error message to call the Hall. Per our Call Board rules, you must be a member in good standing to be listed as AVAILABLE for work on the Call Board.
  4. RESPONSE TIME. Successful workflows will provide a confirmation text in response. Though response time can vary, anything over a minute in which NO response is provided should be assumed there was any issue with the work flow and you can contact:   


    • Members wishing to make themselves AVAILABLE for work. You should receive a text message confirmation when your status has been updated and you are now listed on the availability list.
    • Members that have gotten picked up for work, or if you are no longer looking for employment can text UNAVAILABLE to be removed from the Call Board availability list.
    • Members that are looking for the information we have on file for them can text CONTACT. You will receive a text with the following highlighted information: Name, Email, Mobile Phone Number, Mailing Address, Employment Status, Grouping (If applicable), Classification (if Applicable), Beneficiary information and Dues paid through month.
      • Should you need to update any information, you can contact our Union Hall Front office: (818) 985-7374. 
    • To help members no longer fall behind on dues, we have set up a text message flow that will allow Members to TEXT DUES and it will share the MONTH PAID THROUGH DATE via text directly to the Member. It will also share a link to pay your dues online. 
      • Please note, DUES are still the responsibility of the Member. If you notice anything that you believe to be incorrect about your account, it is your responsibility to contact the hall immediately to avoid late fees and/or suspension. 


Group 1 Industry Experience Members and Location Managers are now able to opt in to receive the Production Report directly to your email on Monday morning of each week. If you would like to join the Weekly Production Report list to receive a weekly Production Log, click here.

** This is only available to GROUP 1 DRIVERS & LOCATION MANAGERS.

We are extremely excited to launch this new technology and will be looking to expand this program over the course of the next year. We want to thank the over 50 members that participated in our beta testing group to help ensure a successful launch. As with any new technology, we ask for your patience as we continue to expand our services and find ways to support our members. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to: