(Left – Right) Business Agent Calvin McDowell and Shop Steward for Quixote Drivers Philip Quansah.

We are excited to announce that Calvin McDowell will now be representing the Local 399 Membership as a full-time Business Agent. His time as a part-time Business Agent over the past Quarter has proven that the Local can utilize his time and talents to a greater extent. Calvin has been working with Business Agent Joshua Staheli on Commercials, however, as a full-time Business Agent he will be taking over both Quixote barns and will take on more groups as time goes on. With Calvin’s 21 years of experience working in Commercials and his innate leadership abilities that have been demonstrated during his time as a Local 399 Trustee and Quixote Shop Steward, we could think of no better candidate to fill this role.

With Calvin no longer working at Quixote, we are also excited to announce the new Shop Steward that will be taking over in his place. Local 399 Member Philip Quansah will be taking on the role of the new Shop Steward for Quixote Drivers. Philip has displayed great leadership qualities and has been a trusted and respected Quixote Driver for many years. Calvin’s move to full time Business Agent and Philip’s move to Shop Steward are to take effect immediately.

Please join us in congratulating both of these hard working Members on their accomplishments.

We are grateful for their dedication and commitment to their Local 399 Brothers & Sisters.