Casting Professionals from both California and New York ratify their new agreement with the AMPTP.

The final Teamsters Local 399 contract negotiation of the year with the AMPTP was for the Casting Directors Agreement. Like all other negotiations this past year with the AMPTP, these negotiations got pushed to later in the year and a Contract Extension was filed to ensure there was enough time to address all of the issues brought forth by both parties.

The Casting Directors Agreement is a unique contract; Teamsters Local 399 jointly negotiates with Teamsters Local 817 in New York. Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan and Business Agent and Vice President Ed Duffy worked closely with President Tommy O’Donnell, from Teamsters Local 817 and his staff to ensure that both Locals and their Members’ issues were addressed throughout these negotiations.

After four days of difficult negotiations spanning 3 months throughout the end of 2018, a tentative agreement with the AMPTP was reached in late December.

On January 9th, a Ratification Meeting was held in New York and California. After a lengthly meeting explaining the nature of the tentative deal as well as taking questions from their respective Memberships, both Memberships voted in favor of ratification.

We are very proud of each and every one of our Casting Steering Committee Members from both Teamsters Local 399 and Teamsters Local 817. Without their support, insight and guidance on the pressing issues our Members’ faced, we would not have been able to secure a fair and improved contract with the AMPTP. This group worked together well to get the best possible deal for all. Their fight extended outside of their own personal workplace issues and truly captured the essence of issues that have plagued all of our hard working Casting Professionals.Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan.

Teamsters Local 399 wants to thank President of Local 817 Tommy O’Donnell, his staff and dedicated their Members that were part of these tough negotiations.