Kenny Farnell

3rd Generation 35 year Teamster Member 24+ years as a Member of Local 399 working as a Driver and Captain Appointed Business Agent in 2016 On the Local Executive Board since … Continued

Joshua Staheli

Joshua Staheli joined Teamsters Local 399 in 1996 and has worked in television and commercial production for two decades. Before joining Teamsters Local 399 as a Business Agent, Joshua worked … Continued

Chris Sell

Chris Sell has been a Member of Local 399 going on 20 years and has been a Trustee and Business Agent since 2014. In his time at the Union hall, … Continued

Ernie Barraza

Ernie became a Teamster in 1998 driving for a beer company as a rank-and-file Class A Driver. Soon after his time doing volunteer organizing, General President Hoffa requested that Ernie … Continued

Lindsay Dougherty

Second Generation, 13 year Teamster originally from Detroit Michigan First joined 399 as a Dispatcher Business Agent and Organizer since 2014 Executive Board Vice President for the Los Angeles Federation … Continued

Calvin McDowell

Calvin began his career in the film industry in 1998 working in Commercials and Music Videos. He joined Local 399 in 2013. Calvin became the Shop Steward at Quixote in … Continued