April 1st is Census Day. Teamsters Local 399 has partnered with the U.S. Census Bureau to support the 2020 Census. As a partner, we have committed to ensuring our Membership and your family are accurately represented in the upcoming decennial count.

The census counts everyone in the United States. Census results are the basis for congressional representation. An accurate census helps determine how more than $675 billion in federal funds is distributed each year to support vital programs in states and communities across the country. These funds shape local health care, housing, education, transportation, employment, and public policy. Under the current Global Pandemic, it only further supports the importance of having an accurate count to represent all who reside in our communities, across our City and State, to ensure we have the resources available to protect and serve all.

What is the Census?
As mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the census is a once-every-decade count of everyone living in the country. When we know how many people live in our communities, organizations, and businesses are better equipped to evaluate the services and programs needed, such as clinics, schools, and roads. It also determines how seats in Congress are distributed among the 50 states. In March of 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau should have sent every household an invitation to complete a simple questionnaire about who lives at your address as of TODAY – April 1, 2020. You will have the opportunity to respond online, by phone or by mail, and federal law keeps those responses safe and secure.

Three things to remember about the 2020 Census — it’s safe, easy and important!

  • SAFE because respondents’ personal information remains private and confidential by law.
  • EASY because it is the first-time respondents may complete the Census online, along with phone-in, mail-in and in person options.
  • IMPORTANT because getting a complete count determines our representation in Congress, the redistricting of voting districts, and where and how over $675 billion in Federal Funding, per year for ten years, will be dispersed among the states, municipalities, services, non-profits, community organizations, small business, etc.

2020 Census is easier to complete than EVER.

You can now respond by:

  • Phone: 1-844-330-2020
  • Internet: www.2020census.gov
  • By Mail-In Form
  • Traditional In-Person Interview

In light of the situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Census Bureau has made some operational changes extending the term of the Census by several weeks. On March 20, the bureau announced it is extending the end of counting for the census from July 31 to August 14. Officials, however, say that the sooner households fill out a form on their own, the fewer door knockers the bureau will have to try to send out to visit unresponsive homes in person during the ongoing public health crisis.

The 2020 Census is still hiring! If you are interested in learning more about applying to work for the 2020 Census click here.

To learn more about the importance of the 2020 Census and how you can get involved to engage your family members, friends and greater community, head to: www.2020census.gov/.

Make sure you and everyone in your family is counted!