After the meeting on Saturday January 24th both revised commercial contracts were overwhelmingly voted YES by the Membership.

We again want to thank all the Members of the negotiating committee for their hard work on behalf of the Membership:

Drivers: Gene Alford, Mike Armstrong, Damian Baker, Jr Bartoli, John Cucura, Jordo Edelman, Artie Fuentes, Derik Hixon, Mateo Pinkerton

Locations: Joe Amplo, Brian Bird, Matthew Cassel, George Goodman, Cale Hanks, Flint Maloney, David McKinney, Jeff Morris, Keith Nakata, Mel Wilson, Frank Yoshikane

Also a big thank you to all Members that were able to attend the meeting this past weekend. More information will be coming soon.

Please note the current commercial contract will remain in effect until February 22nd.

If you have any questions and/or comments please email