Teamsters Local 399 Winter Newsreel Highlight: Contract Corner: Forklifts, Gators & Reach Forklifts

We have started a NEW section in our Quarterly Newsreel to highlight important Contract facts, explanations and reminders for our Members. We will be highlighting our largest collective bargaining agreements throughout the year, featuring commonly misunderstood topics or issues our Business Agents are routinely explaining to Members. Knowledge is power when it comes to understanding your Contract. It is the strongest tool our Members have at their disposal and many Members, both past and present, have fought hard for the gains and improvements that active Members benefit from today.  

Winter 2020 Newsreel Highlight ‘Black Book’ Contract Corner:

Forklifts, Gators and Reach Forklifts

As a reminder, Forklifts, Gators and Reach Forklifts are COVERED under the “Black Book” on all projects. Operating Forklifts, Gators and Gradalls (Reach Forklifts) is the work of properly Rostered Drivers per Paragraph 75 of the Black Book – Definition of Duties and Divisions of Work.

Non-Drivers should NOT be operating this equipment. If you see someone other than a Driver operating any of these pieces, please contact a Business Agent or report the violation through the Teamsters Local 399 App.

If we as a Local don’t fight for these jobs, we will lose them.

Over the next month we will be making the manning of forklifts and gators a focal point of education for the Membership. We will be out on sets to make sure everyone understands it’s our work. We should not look the other way while others are doing our jobs.

Additionally, if you are not qualified to operate any of these pieces or if you want to brush up on your skills, we offer opportunities for training that Business Agent Chris Sell has been organizing over the past several years. Email to learn more. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Business Agent directly or the Union Hall: 818-985-7374.

Thank you to Herc Rentals for letting us photograph their equipment. As a reminder to our Members, RENT UNION whenever you are able. You are directly supporting your Union Brothers & Sisters when you invest in Union companies like Herc.