CSATF has informed us that we still have several Members on the IER (Industry Experience Roster) that have yet to complete this course. This is a reminder to those that have yet to take this course. At this time the State and County will allow the Motion Picture Industry to continue to work throughout our city due to the hard fought efforts to protect all crew and cast to the best of our ability while on the job. We cannot stress enough however that how we collectively handle the next couple days and weeks will have a direct impact on our Industry being able to continue to operate. Safety is everyone’s responsibility in order to keep our Industry open and keep the ones we come home to at the end of a long day safe. 


Consistent with the recommendations set forth in the Motion Picture Production Industry’s White Paper and the requirements of the COVID-19 Return-to-Work Agreement between the AMPTP, on the one hand, and several industry unions and guilds (viz., the DGA, IATSE, SAG-AFTRA and the Teamsters/Basic Crafts) on the other, Contract Services has developed a COVID-19 Prevention Training course (“C19” — COVID-19 Prevention Training) for the production workforce

Don’t forget to take the new online C-19 COURSE via CSATF prior to DECEMBER 24TH to avoid any disruption to your ability to work and/or to avoid suspension on the IER (Industry Experience Roster), which in turn would affect your Grouping advancement by tolling your time until the course is completed.


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If you are unsure if you have taken it, follow the steps below to complete.
• Head to www.CSATF.org
• Select PORTAL Sign-In
• Log In
• Choose Your Class
• Enroll & Complete

For your convenience, this online class is optimized for delivery on mobile devices or smartphones as well as on desktop computers. Should you have any questions, please email training@csatf.org.

Again, for those that have yet to complete this training, please make a plan to take care of it ASAP to avoid any issues in your ability to work or Grouping advancement.