As reported at our General Membership Meetings over the course of this year, we have been working with the CSATF Bargaining Unit as they fight for their first Union Contract. We are excited to announce that CSATF Workers Ratified their first Union Contract last night!

About a 2 years ago, our Brothers & Sisters at Teamsters Local 911 were approached by CSATF Workers that were organizing to become Union Members. In the process of initial negotiations between Teamsters 911 and CSATF, a decertification petition was going to be voted on by the Bargaining Unit. Teamsters Local 911 approached Local 399 to help them in the fight to encourage the CSATF workers to vote down the decertification. We obviously believe a Union contract will help strengthen their voice, support, dignity and respect on the job. We firmly believe that they too deserve the benefits of this Industry that they work so hard to support. 

We are proud to say that in joining forces with Teamsters 911, we were able to help ensure the decertification election was rejected. The, the 52 Member CSATF Bargaining Unit asked to be represented by the Teamsters Local 399 and we are proud to announce that they are now officially Teamster Local 399 Sisters & Brothers.  Local 399 thanks Local 911 for their unwavering support for this Bargaining Unit. 

The resolve of these workers helped us in negotiations as we were all committed to a common goal: better wages, better working conditions, grievance procedures and Union support. We look forward to representing this hardworking group will not only get them the respect they deserve on the job, but will also help all of our Members as we are able to work with CSATF to address longstanding issues. We want to give a special acknowledgment to our CSATF Negotiating Committee: Karen Lainez, Alex Dasaro, Daniella Hartley and Elijah Chesler that fought hard for their Unit to ensure this first Union Contract would be one they could be proud of. 

The CSATF Office Staff works hard to support our Members and we are proud to say welcome to the family. Congratulations on your first Union Contract!

Stay tuned for our Fall Newsreel where we highlight the efforts of this hardworking group and join us at our October General Membership Meeting where we welcome in this new Unit.