Katherine McCance, a recent graduate of Saugus High School and daughter of Local 399 driver William McCance, has been awarded a James R. Hoffa and Joint Council 42 college scholarship. She was honored for her excellent academic record, extracurricular activities and community involvement.

Secretary-Treasurer Leo Reed praised Katherine for her achievements both in and out of the classroom. “This young woman worked hard every day for four years, and it has paid off,” Reed stated. “Winning these two scholarships honors her dedication to her education, as well as her parents’ efforts in helping their daughter get this far.”

When asked to reflect on her high school experience, Katherine cited two reasons for her success: dedication and hard work. She was involved in numerous activities at school, including the varsity golf team, Key Club, National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, photo club as well as serving as a student representative during her school’s accreditation process.

Outside of school she volunteered her time with the Boys and Girls club, Special Olympics and river clean up for the City of Santa Clarita among other activities. The effort she showed over the last four years will serve her well as she pursues higher education.

“A college education creates a solid foundation for success in all aspects of life,” Katherine said. “It allows an individual to gain knowledge, wisdom and intellectual growth. You learn valuable lessons, like how to handle new challenges and opportunities that you are faced with.”

Katherine, whose father William works in transportation at Walt Disney Studios, thanked the Teamsters not just for her scholarship, but also for what they have done for her family. “My dad has been a Local 399 Teamster for almost 38 years,” she explained, “and it has been a constant in his life that he is proud of. The Teamsters Union has been an important factor in helping provide me and my family with a comfortable, stable and happy life.”