We are excited to share with you our Winter 2023 Quarterly Newsreel that highlights the last quarter, as well as sets the stage for the New Year.

Printed copies of our Winter 2023 Newsreel are on their way to ACTIVE members however all can view a digital copy here.

Please take some time to read the articles shared in this edition. Each article contains important information about YOUR Union. We are grateful to each and every member that contributed to this Quarter’s Newsreel.

TOPICS INCLUDE: (Click to Read)

PAGE 2: Local 399 Executive Board for 2023 – 2025 Term 

PAGE 3: PRG Members Ratify New Agreement 

PAGE 4: Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade Division Update  

PAGE 5: Teamsters Local 399 March at Kingdom Day Parade! 

PAGE 6: Local 399 New Year’s Resolutions for Members  

PAGE 7: True Grit: Teamster Wranglers Take the Reins 

PAGE 8: California on Location Awards 

PAGE 9: Organizing Win for Workers at Hudson Pacific Properties 

PAGE 10: 2nd Annual Teamsters Local 399 Charity Golf Tournament 

PAGE 11: New Mexico Teamsters Updates & Reminders 

PAGE 12: Teamsters Local 399 Pride at Work  

PAGE 13: CA & NM Film & Television Tax Incentives 

PAGE 14: Q & A w/ Secretary-Treasurer Lindsay Dougherty 

Hollywood Commission Survey 

PAGE 15: Scholarships for Teamster Members 

PAGE 16: Events, Announcements, Retired & Fallen Teamsters 

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