Greetings Sisters & Brothers,

On April 1, 2015 we will be increasing dues by $5.00 per month, bringing the new quarterly total to $273.00.

Per our By-Laws, Members dues are based on 8x your average hourly rate per quarter plus an International assessment of an additional 1/2 hour. Per Article X of our International Constitution, Members of all locals are required to pay a minimum of 2-and-a-half times their hourly rate in the form of monthly dues payments. Simply put, our dues have not kept up with wage increases, inflation or the cost of doing business. Our administration has not relied upon liquidated damages to fund our treasury. We have chosen to fight for jobs for our members rather than only seeking money for our treasury. Obviously, this basic change in approach costs money. Our only funding source are the dues required by both the International Constitution and our Bylaws.

In 2010, Leo Reed addressed a letter to the Membership stating that the dues rate at that time should have been $95.00 per month. However, the Executive Board at that time increased the dues to only $86.00 per month. Meanwhile, our wages have increased a compounded 8% since that time. As our wages increased, our dues should have as well. Our current dues rate should be $103.00 per month. In light of that fact, we are proposing a more moderate increase of $5.00 per month, bringing the total monthly rate to $91.00. Beginning August 1, 2016, our dues rates will adjust each year by the amount of our wage increases.

We will be updating the new dues amount online on April 1st. If you are currently subscribed to our recurring payment plan you will be contacted separately to update your account. Also, if you prepaid your dues for the year, you will receive an invoice from the Local with the amount still owed.

If you have any further questions regarding the April 1st dues increase, please refer to our most recent Newsreel published in January 2015. If you did not receive a copy or if you have any further questions please email office@ht399.org.


Steve Dayan