I have been extremely encouraged by our Sisters and Brothers lately in the fight against the National Right to Work Legislation that was introduced in Congress in early February. We have seen our Members commit to get involved, to call and write to their elected officials, and to take on the task of educating other Members, family members and friends about the dangers of National Right to Work for less for working, middle-class Americans. 

The labor movement is the only counterbalance to corporate power. Who will stand up for the middle class if not organized labor? The labor movement in this country could be swept away if this legislation passes. It’ll most certainly cripple the ability of Unions’ to lobby state and federal legislators for tax incentives and worker protections. It’ll diminish representation of members and severely impact our ability to bargain fair wages and benefits for our membership. Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO said, “Organized Labor is the soul of this country.” Organized Labor doesn’t just look out for its own Members, but also looks out for working class people who aren’t fortunate to belong to a Union. Labor speaks out on behalf of social issues that impact our entire nation. 

I believe Right to Work is wrong and should be decided by the individual states, not our federal government. This is an attempt by Congress to stop the only movement that protects workers and the middle class. If National Right to Work for Less passes, it will devastate the Union movement. If you believe this only affects public sector Unions, you are sadly mistaken. 

This bill started with 5-co-sponsors when first introduced in February 2017. Each week more representatives are signing on to co-sponsor the bill and the current count is up to 22 and growing. The chances of this bill passing will depend heavily on the support and co-sponsors that choose to put their backing behind the legislation. 

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Your voice is needed in this fight!

 In Solidarity, 

Steve Dayan