After a 20-year run in New York City, the popular NBC television crime drama Law and Order has chosen Los Angeles as the setting for its newest series.

Currently shooting its first season, Law and Order: Los Angeles has been scheduled for 22 episodes. It is the first time that a show in the Law and Order series – which includes the original and four spinoffs – has been filmed outside New York.

Coordinator Rod Bearden, a 16-year Teamster member, reported that his crew is enjoying being part of the new series. “The show is taking an interesting new direction now that they are in LA,” explained Bearden. “They are really showcasing how bright and beautiful this city is year-round.”

The scope of the production – which includes an alternating cast and about four days per episode on location – means a lot of Teamster trucks are involved. “As far as equipment is concerned, this is one of the biggest television shows in LA at the moment,” said Bearden, who started his career as a driver in Dallas, Texas, and remains a driver at heart. “We have 16 trailers just for base camp; it’s really impressive.”

The large amount of equipment translates into Teamster jobs, and Bearden is pleased that members are benefiting from the show’s relocation to Los Angeles. “For this show to come here is great because it’s a long-term production that creates jobs in the LA area.” The downtown Los Angeles Center Studios, where indoor filming takes place, was the scene of a recent press conference showcasing LA as a resource for TV and movie production. (See story in this issue.)

Secretary-Treasurer Leo Reed praised Bearden and his crew for the hard work they have been putting in on the new series. “It doesn’t surprise me that Law and Order decided to film their new series in Los Angeles,” said Reed. “This is a win situation for all of the people involved and the TV audience will love it. Not only do we have the best weather, but we have the hardest working drivers in the industry.”