Teamsters Local 399 membership overwhelmingly voted in favor of ratification for a new contract that covers 4,000 Local 399 Hollywood Teamsters, as well as Teamster Members across 13 Western States.

Date: February 9th 

Los Angeles, CA – Teamsters Local 399 members have overwhelmingly ratified a new 3-year ‘Black Book’ Agreement which covers; Drivers, Dispatchers, Animal Trainers/Handlers, Wranglers, Mechanics, Auto Service and now DOT Administrators, with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). Also ratified through a separate ratification vote was an Addendum Agreement to the ‘Black Book’ covering Chef Assistants and Chef Assistant-Drivers working on Feature and Television productions.  

“Our rank-and-file members have been with us every step of the way throughout these negotiations,” said Teamsters Local 399 lead negotiator Lindsay Dougherty. “Our goal as the negotiating committee was to address our members’ core issues and leave no money on the table. Together, we were able to creatively make economic gains, secure a New Media deal that eliminates low tier wages, and protect the important contract provisions that our members both past and present have fought so hard for. Our members ultimately had the final say on their contract. Their overwhelming vote in favor of ratification gives me the confidence that they were heard loud and clear through this round of bargaining.” 

Voter turnout was one of the highest in the Local’s recent history for the ‘Black Book’ Agreement. The Local 399 Black Book Agreement saw 67% voter turnout with 89% YES vote to 11% NO vote. 

Some of the important gains made in this round of bargaining were:

  • Inclusion of Budget Based New Media Side Letter  – eliminating reference to lowest tier MOW rates
  • Compensation for invaded weekends – ‘Fraturday Pay’
  • Economic gains with yearly wage increases including retroactivity, cell phone allowance and meal money
  • Increased overtime provisions with triple time pay after 16 elapsed hours
  • Inclusion of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
  • Significant Employer contributions to MPI Pension and Health Plans – with no added costs to participants
  • Re-Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives 
  • Addition of new classification of DOT Administrators  into the ‘Black Book’

The Chef Assistants, who were recently organized into Teamsters Local 399 in 2020, participated in their first round of negotiations simultaneously with the Hollywood Basic Crafts. Since their agreement is an Addendum to the ‘Black Book,’ they voted as a separate unit, however their ratification results are also being shared this evening. Chef Assistants and Chef Assistant-Driver under this Agreement saw a 72% voter turnout with 98.4% YES vote to 1.6% NO vote. 

“Our Chef Assistants and Chef Assistant-Driver group are arguably some of the hardest working people in production, and we are grateful to have them as part of our Teamster family,” said Dougherty. “They work around the clock to keep our crews well fed. By way of these negotiations, our Committee was able to secure significant living wage increases and retirement benefits that bring them closer to Industry standards. Something they have deserved for far too long.”

The full ‘Black Book’ Memorandum of Agreement was shared with a Summary of Key changes to the Teamsters Local 399 Membership after an informational meeting was held on Sunday, February 6th. This information was also included in the electronic ballot every active member in good-standing working under this agreement received. Members had from Sunday, February 6th at 5:00PM to Wednesday, February 9th at 6:00PM to cast an electronic ballot. The Teamsters Union Constitution outlines a one member, one vote democratic process for all contract ratifications and leadership elections. 

“Teamsters know that the fight doesn’t stop after a contract is ratified,” Dougherty said. “There are always more issues to be addressed and gains to achieve for our members. I believe this agreement lays a strong foundation for our next round of bargaining. I want to thank our member-led Steering Committees, the Hollywood Basic Crafts Unions and Teamster representatives from across North America, including General President-elect, Sean O’Brien, that brought power to the bargaining table during the negotiations. When we fight together, our members are the ones who win. We are grateful for their support.” 

Teamsters Local 399 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan appointed Local 399 Recording Secretary, Organizer and recently elected IBT Western Region Vice President-elect, Lindsay Dougherty as lead negotiator in early December 2021. Having worked at Teamsters Local 399 since 2014, Dougherty has been part of ‘Black Book’ negotiations for the past two bargaining cycles; sitting first chair however, for the first time, in this round of negotiations. Dougherty is the first woman to serve as the Hollywood Basic Crafts and Teamsters Local 399 lead negotiator. Local 399 has been bargaining an Agreement that covers Studio Transportation Drivers with the AMPTP for over 80 years. Dougherty will also be leading the negotiations for the upcoming Teamsters Local 399 Location Manager and Casting Director Agreements with the AMPTP which will both commence soon.  

The ratification votes for IBEW Local 40, OPCMIA Local 755 Plasterers and UA Local 78 Plumbers will conclude later this week. Each one of the Basic Craft Locals votes separately. The voting results from one Local do not impact the ratification vote of another Local in the Hollywood Basic Crafts. The entire Hollywood Basic Crafts member-led bargaining committee unanimously recommended the Tentative Agreements for ratification.  


Teamsters Local 399 represents 5,500 members in the Motion Picture Industry including; Drivers, Animal Trainers/Handlers, Wranglers, Dispatchers, DOT Admins, Casting Professionals, Location Professionals, Chef Assistants, Mechanics, Auto Service and Warehouse workers.