Thank you to all our Members that came out to our General Membership Meeting yesterday at Pickwick Gardens and congratulations to all our new Members that were sworn in! These Quarterly Meetings are an important time to engage with your Union and fellow Teamsters Local 399 Sisters and Brothers. We encourage all members to commit to making it to your Union meetings to stay engaged and informed about what is going on.

We want to thank John Cuite from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for being in attendance and talking about the importance of D.R.I.V.E. as well as collect contributions to the program. With increased attacks on working people, programs like D.R.I.V.E. are extremely necessary to help strengthen the visibility and representation of working families and protecting their rights, wages, working conditions and more. Learn more about D.R.I.V.E. in our most recent Newsreel that will be mailed out this week or check out a digital copy here. 

We also want to thank the California State Military Reserves for being in attendance at our Meeting. We are not only grateful for their service to our State, but also for their determination to recruit our Members knowing that we have some of the most hard working, talented Drivers in the Business. If you did not make it to the meeting, you can learn more about the California State Military Reserves on their website:  or in our most recent Newsreel.

Reminder: Our ‘Black Book’ Survey is now live and the deadline to complete is April 30th. If you have yet to receive the link, please email Please make sure to complete this survey if you are working under the ‘Black Book’. Your Driver Steering Committee as well as your Business Agents use this information to make decisions prior to and during negotiations.

We will see you at our next General Membership Meeting on July 22nd 2018.