We had a great turnout at our 3rd General Membership Meeting of the year yesterday morning at Pickwick Gardens. We want to thank all our Members that were in attendance at this important and informative meeting. 

We want to give a huge thank you to our two guest speakers, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and our IBT Lobbyist Barry Broad. As Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan mentioned in the meeting, our political relationships matter. The foundation and strength of organized labor depends on these key relationships that we build and preserve. We are fortunate to be surrounded by elected officials in our city and state that advocate on behalf of the middle class and the importance of Unions to fight for good jobs and protect workers. 

Mayor Garcetti has been an advocate for the Entertainment Industry at large and believes it’s home is right here in Los Angeles. We want to thank him for his words of encouragement and his dedication to see that our TV & Film Tax Incentives are renewed with an even bigger allocated amount. Watch a few words from Mayor Garcetti to our Membership here.  


IBT Lobbyist Barry Broad challenged our Members that as we move into next year and fight for the renewal of our Tax Incentives, we can’t do it without YOU, our Members. It has already been proven that the tax incentives work. It has created jobs for our Members and other below-the-line workers in the Entertainment Industry. In order for this to continue to impact our Membership, we need our Members to join us in Sacramento, write letters to their elected officials and continue to tell their stories of how the TV & Film Tax Incentives have impacted you and your family. We will be sharing more ways to get involved in the fight for our Tax Incentives in the coming months. Stay tuned. 

As Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan mentioned yesterday, we will be sending out our General Membership Survey later this week. Please take your time to provide thoughtful answers providing feedback as to how we are doing as an Administration. We work for you and we want to continually represent you to the best of our ability. 

If you were not one of the lucky winners of tickets to Union Night at Dodger‘s Stadium hosted by Labor 411 – you can purchase your tickets here! The game is Friday, August 11th. Don’t miss out on this great evening to connect with fellow Union Sisters & Brothers and catch a ballgame.  

Lastly, yesterday marks the last General Membership meeting that Wes Ponsford will be a Business Agent at the Local. We are sad to see him leave but support him in his decision to go back to Driving. We will have an article in our August Newsreel elaborating further on his contribution to our Local over the past 3 1/2 years. Thank you Wes for your dedication to our Membership! We will miss you around the office. 

Thank you again to all Members that made it out to the Meeting yesterday!

We will see you at the next General Membership Meeting in October.