Teamsters Local 399 ‘Location Manager Agreement’ representing over 700 Hollywood Location Professionals has been ratified.

Date: March 8th

Los Angeles, CA – Teamsters Local 399 members have overwhelmingly ratified a new 3-year “Location Manager’’ Agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) which covers; Location Managers, Key Assistant Location Managers and Assistant Location Managers. 

Hollywood Location Professionals serve as the liaisons not just between production and locations, but also the community at-large. They navigate the permit process and secure locations just as much as they are managing the expectations of the neighborhoods that have been selected to shoot-in,” said Lindsay Dougherty, Local 399’s lead negotiator for this round of bargaining. “They are highly skilled and extremely personable individuals that often are the face of the production to the public. This round of bargaining was about valuing their work by putting money in their pockets. There are still more gains to be made, there always are, but I’m proud of what our members were able to accomplish by way of this agreement.

Teamsters Local 399 Principal Officer Steve Dayan appointed Lindsay Dougherty, 399 Recording Secretary and recently announced Teamsters Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division Director, to lead the negotiations with the AMPTP for the Location Managers Agreement. She was also joined by co-chair and 399 Business Agent Joshua Staheli and Business Agent and 399 Vice President Ed Duffy. 

Voter turnout was the highest in the Local’s recent history for the ‘Location Manager’’ Agreement. The Local 399 Location Manager Agreement saw 75% voter turnout with 95% YES vote to 5% NO vote. The 2021 – 2024 Location Manager Agreement will take effect this Sunday, March 13th. 

The full ‘Location Manager’’ Memorandum of Agreement was shared with a Summary of Key changes to the Teamsters Local 399 membership working under this agreement after an informational meeting was held on Saturday, March 5th. This information was also included in the electronic ballot every active member in good-standing working under this agreement received. Members had from Saturday, March 5th at 4PM to Tuesday, March 8th at 5PM to cast an electronic ballot. The Teamsters Union Constitution outlines a one member, one vote democratic process for all contract ratifications and leadership elections. 

I want to especially acknowledge our 399 Negotiating Committee,” Dougherty continued. “Every single member brought with them the passion and expertise to fight not just for themselves, but for the collective benefit of this group. That was made apparent by the gains we were able to secure that brought our lower paid classifications up closer to a livable wage. That’s what being part of a union family is all about, and it was inspiring to work alongside this group to reach a fair and equitable deal.”   

Teamsters Local 399 is currently bargaining their last agreement with the AMPTP this bargaining cycle alongside Teamsters Local 817. The Local 817/399 Casting Directors Agreement covers Casting Directors and Associate Casting Directors in both Los Angeles and New York.


Teamsters Local 399 represents 5,800 members in the Motion Picture Industry including; Drivers, Animal Trainers/Handlers, Wranglers, Dispatchers, DOT Admins, Location Professionals, Casting Professionals, Chef Assistants, Mechanics, Auto Service and Warehouse workers.