Hollywood Teamster Location Managers Reach Tentative Agreement w/ AMPTP

Hollywood Teamsters reach a Tentative 3-year Agreement with the AMPTP covering 800 Location Managers, Key Assistant Location Managers and Assistant Location Managers.

Date – February 26th 

Los Angeles, CA – A tentative agreement has been reached between Teamsters Local 399 and the AMPTP for a new 3-year Location Manager Agreement covering; Location Managers, Key Assistant Location Managers and Assistant Location Managers. Negotiations began Tuesday, February 22nd and concluded late in the evening on Friday, February 25th. 

Teamsters Local 399 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan and Vice President and Location Manager Business Agent Ed Duffy appointed Local 399 Recording Secretary and International Brotherhood of Teamsters Western Region-VP-elect Lindsay Dougherty to serve as the lead negotiator in this round of bargaining. Business Agent and Motion Picture Pension and Health Plan Director Joshua Staheli served as co-chair. The Teamsters Local 399 member-led location negotiating committee is unanimously recommending the agreement for ratification. 

“Our recent ‘Black Book’ negotiations set the framework for our benefit package and New Media deal which allowed us to immediately focus on the key issues that were identified by our member-led Steering Committee made up of Location Professionals and our rank-and-file members part of this group,” said Dougherty. “Location professionals in Hollywood serve as the liaisons for the Studios between businesses, neighborhoods, historic landmarks and the general public. This group of highly skilled professionals are an essential component to ensure production continues throughout the State. The extent of their tireless work is often under appreciated. By way of these negotiations, we sought to shine light on their important contributions to the industry in the form of significant economic gains to chip away at making this group whole.” 

Details of the tentative agreement will be shared with Local 399 Location Professionals early next week. A digital informational meeting will be held Saturday, March 5th. Members will then vote electronically on the tentative agreement. 


Teamsters Local 399 represents 5,500 members in the Motion Picture Industry including; Drivers, Animal Trainers/Handlers, Wranglers, Dispatchers, DOT Admins, Location Professionals, Casting Professionals, Chef Assistants, Mechanics, Auto Service and Warehouse workers.