“Hollywood Teamsters: The Local 399 Story” is now online!

Have you ever wondered about the History of Teamsters Local 399? 

Teamsters Local 399 represents Workers in the Motion Picture Industry. Since the inception of the Union in 1928, we have upheld a longstanding tradition providing quality service to the Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Industry.

Our Local is dedicated to securing fair wages, jobs, pensions and health benefits for all our Members. The strength of our Union is only as strong as our Members, which is why we are committed to excellence in representing our Brothers & Sisters. 

Watch “Hollywood Teamsters: The Local 399 Story” below!

We are also excited to announce that we also have just re-printed the “399 Hollywood Teamsters: Local 399 Story” DVD’s and they are available at the Union Hall! Pick up your free copy today.

We hope that Veteran Teamsters and New Members alike will take the time to watch, learn, appreciate and understand the origins of this great Local, paying tribute to those who dedicated so much time and energy to ensure Local 399 was built on a strong foundation.

Local 399 is Driving Hollywood!