Safety on set should always be of utmost of importance. There is no excuse for unsafe working conditions.

Our friends at IATSE Local 600 have now made it even easier to report safety violations right from your smartphone. In our recent Membership survey we had an overwhelmingly positive response from Members indicating they would be more prone to report safety violations they see on set if they could do so anonymously through an app on their phone.

We are excited to share that the ICG Safety App is now available for use by ALL Locals.

With approximately 2,500 downloads to date, a safety hazard reporting tool was introduced in October 2017 to facilitate two-way communication in real time. As a result, there have been 125 hazard reports submitted, 107 of them providing details on unsafe hours. Many of those have resulted in set visits and changed behavior.

The ICG Saftey App is available on Google Play and the App Store. If you have any issues downloading the app please email Any Local can report a Safety Violation through the App by leaving your Local name and number in the comments section of the report.

PRACTICE SAFE SETS! Report safety violations as you see them. Our Members and all those that work in the industry understand safety is of extreme importance. No one should be injured or harmed while making a movie.

Click here to learn more about how IATSE Local 600 is helping to ensure Safety on Set.