Brothers & Sisters:

Teamsters Local 399 has been notified by IATSE Local 80 that beginning on Friday, June 17, 2016 at 6:30AM, they have set up a picket line at CSATF. They are attempting to organize the Safety Passport Instructors who have attempted to obtain a contract from the company.

Teamsters Local 399 is recommending that all 399 Members honor the picket line. All of the Basic Craft Locals are also recommending their Members honor the lines as well.

We encourage our Members who have classes scheduled to go to CSATF. 

CSATF may also contact you to inform you that your class has been cancelled or you can call in advance to see if the scheduled class will take place.

 If when you arrive there is no picket line up, go to your regularly scheduled class. If the picket line is up when you arrive, make certain to fill out the sign-in sheet the IATSE will have at the site to prove you attempted to take your class. 

Local 399 has contacted the AMPTP and notified them that any of our affected Members should be given an extension of their timeline in order to complete their safety training as long as you show up for your class and sign-in. You can also check CSATF‘s website or the Local 399 website or Facebook page for updates.


Steve Dayan