Please carefully review the important updates and information shared below. We have been receiving many calls from concerned Members and we want to address those concerns and explain what has been going on behind the scenes to protect our Members as we navigate the intricacies of the global pandemic within our Industry. 



  • CSATF Online Classes: As a reminder, you are still responsible for the training deadlines of any CSATTF online training. If you are not sure if you have online classes that are required click here to check the CSATF website.
  • CSATF Classroom Courses: CSATTF classroom courses at this time are still suspended until further notice. You will be receiving an extension on these classroom trainings. If however, a classroom training also has an online component, please remember you are still required to complete the online portion of the class prior to the deadline as NO extensions will be granted for any online training.
    • Granted Extension for Classroom Courses Explained: We are currently working with CSATF in regards to what these extensions will look like for those that have:  
  1. Submitted 30 payroll days to Contract Services and are currently in their application period,
  2. Group 3’s taking classes for the first time, 
  3. Members taking refresher courses.

As soon as the extension details are finalized, CSATF will be sending out information regarding the details of your extension. 

Since the onset of the pandemic shutdown, we have been in discussions with CSATF advocating to ensure our Members would not be punished by having their time tolled for their inability to renew expired CDLs or MECs. Per the “Black Book” your CDL and MEC contractually must be current with CSATF however, the inability to renew these documents during the pandemic is no fault of our Members.

We have recently been receiving phone calls from concerned Members that fear their Grouping was or will be impacted and we want to ensure you that we are working on this issue and this will not be the case. Extensions will be granted until October 31, 2020 for CDL and MEC that expired after March 14, 2020. You must have these documents renewed and emailed to before October 31, 2020, or you will reflect suspended on the roster. This extension is ONLY for required documents (CDL and MEC) for your roster update. Please keep in mind, your employer may require that these documents be current in order to work before October 31, 2020. We are aware that some of you have already been affected by this and CSATF is working diligently to make sure your status is properly reflected on the Roster.

If you have an immediate question or concern that has not been addressed above, please email me at: