“After 118 days on strike, SAG-AFTRA announced a tentative agreement has been reached. Motion Picture Teamsters want to congratulate the 160,000 industry performers that stood united to elevate and address their core issues in this round of bargaining.

Existential issues such as AI and the changing industry revenue model, brought about by the advent and growth of streaming, pushed both SAG-AFTRA and the WGA to take their demands to the picket lines this year. This signaled not only the first dual strike between the guilds since the 1960’s, but also a historic transformation in Hollywood labor solidarity. Artificial intelligence is a looming threat to all workers across every industry. SAG-AFTRA’s fight to protect against reckless technological advancements for performers impacts every single crew-member, and their fight and perseverance should be commended. If there is no human actor, there is no Hollywood workforce.

Hollywood labor has long been subjected to the tactics of break and divide by the multi-employer bargaining unit known as the AMPTP. Pattern bargaining over the years has weakened the unions and guilds of Hollywood and their ability to address their unique issues without a flex of power. Workers rising together over the past six months, however, reminds us of who holds the power as we look ahead.

Solidarity is not only the single most important word in the language of the working class, but also a muscle to be strengthened and used. With the AFM set to bargain with the AMPTP next, and Teamsters, IATSE and the Hollywood Basic Crafts negotiations next year, we are ready to fight for what our members deserve with the support of all Hollywood labor behind us. This year has not been easy for Motion Picture Teamsters, or any industry worker, but our members stand ready to return to the work they love to quickly bring Hollywood back to life.”

– Lindsay Dougherty

Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade Division Director

Teamsters Local 399 Principal Officer