“After 146 days on strike, Motion Picture Teamsters want to congratulate the Writers Guild of America West and East on their fight, tenacity and resolve to achieve a tentative agreement.

Since day one, the militancy of the writers holding the line and hitting the pavement exemplified their unwavering commitment to their core issues. Their fight has also inspired a renewed solidarity among all Hollywood workers that will live on long past this bargaining cycle.

Solidarity however does not come without sacrifice. The antiquated bargaining playbook of the AMPTP caused these negotiations to be intentionally dragged on longer than necessary. Their tactics have left many questioning the function, effectiveness and longevity of this multi-employer bargaining entity.

While we commend and continue to stand in solidarity with the writers, we call upon the AMPTP to take no pause for a victory lap. With our brothers and sisters of SAG-AFTRA still on strike, and an industry at a complete standstill for over 5 months, workers deserve to see the employers swiftly return to the table to make good on their proclaimed commitment to bring Hollywood back to life.”