First of all I want to thank my Business Agents and Office Staff Employees for being there for me.

I congratulate Steve Dayan on his victory. Today we must all be united, and keep this Union together. Give him all the support that he needs. We cannot afford to be separated during difficult times. In the private sector of American Workers, less than 7% is organized labor. We must not be divided; we must stay together.

My Administration have built this Local from near bankruptcy to the most financially sound Local in the entire Teamster International; over $6 million dollars in assets, with the building already paid for. Remember, I started with zero. Our organizing record will never be matched. The Black Book is still the best contract in the land.

I can prove that our Administration, the longest ever for 24 years, made Local 399 into one of the top Local Unions in the International. History will also prove that.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Good luck & Aloha.

Leo T. Reed