As a reminder, due to the ‘Return to Work’ Agreement discussions and the ongoing IATSE negotiations, our ‘Black Book’, Location Manager, Cook Helper / Cook Helper Driver and DOT Admin negotiations that were originally scheduled for July have been pushed. We currently have the dates of September 8th – 10th scheduled for our ‘Black Book’ negotiations. At this time, we are still discussing dates for all other agreements. We will share more information as we receive it. Many members have reached out this past week with questions around the state of our current agreements, which are set to expire tomorrow, July 31st, 2021.

We will be signing an extension for all of our agreements set to expire tomorrow. This means that all conditions of the current agreements remain in effect until a new agreement has been reached. At this time, there will be no increases to wages on August 1st, as that needs to be bargained in our upcoming contract cycle, however our extension agreement includes retroactivity to wage increases back to August 1st, 2021 once an agreement has been reached.

We ask that you continue to remain engaged and involved in our upcoming negotiations. I imagine these will be difficult discussions and we will need to fight together to make gains for our membership. To learn more about the upcoming and ongoing negotiations throughout 2021, please check out our recent Summer 2021 Newsreel article on page 5: CLICK HERE TO READ THE SUMMER 2021 NEWSREEL.

We will be continuing to host educational classes and review your contract survey feedback throughout the next couple months. Please continue to educate yourself around your collective bargaining agreement, as well as share your ideas and feedback. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Business Agent.