Return to work discussions are ongoing with the Studios and the other Unions and Guilds. At this time we are still trying to finalize some of the remaining issues, however we are getting closer and hope to conclude soon. We are seeing more commercials and productions slowly come back to life and Business Agent and Organizer Lindsay Dougherty has also been signing more contracts as of recently. We hope to see our Industry continue to open over the course of the next couple weeks and our Members return to work. We know this is a tough time for many of our Members. If there is anything more we can do for you or your family at this time, please let us know.

As a reminder, If you have gotten called to work, we cannot stress enough to please call your job into the Call Board. The Business Agents are currently assessing production protocols on a case-by-case basis and must be aware of what is going on in order to ensure the employers are following safety guidelines. If you feel unsafe on ANY production or feel protocols are not being followed, please contact a Business Agent immediately.

In case you missed anything, please find a recap of this week’s efforts, as well as a reminder of important ongoing resources and information.


Teamsters Local 399 Members under MPIPHP, join us THIS Tuesday, August 18th at 10AM for our next MPI Webinar ‘Understanding Your Health Benefits’. This presentation will be for Local 399 Members only that are covered under MPIPHP.

The Presentation will cover Health Eligibility, both active Members’ health and retiree health benefits, as well as Medicare, MPI Plan Choices and a current Covid-19 update. We will also have some time to answer Members questions throughout the presentation.

If you are interested, please email for the link to register if you did not receive it in your email. 

This presentation is for Local 399 Members only and we will be manually approving registration so please allow 24-48 hours to receive the link to the webinar.

NO on PROP 22:

We want to thank our Local 399 Members that took the time out of your day yesterday to attend the “NO on Prop 22” campaign kick-off and training call with our Joint Council 42 and the California Federation of Labor.

For those of you that joined us for our recent 3rd Quarter General Membership meeting, you may recall Business Agent Ed Duffy speaking about one of the many important fights we will have before us this November – voting NO on PROP 22. Union Members will be essential in the fight to defeat this misleading Proposition in November that is seeking to destroy good jobs by letting gig economy greed stand in the way of worker protections.

What is Prop 22?

Uber, Lyft, Instacart and Doordash wrote Proposition 22 to create a special exemption for themselves from California law that requires app-based companies to provide basic protections to their workers. Now they’re spending more than $100 million on Prop 22 to boost their profits by denying their drivers’ right to a minimum wage, paid sick leave and safety protections. “Gig” companies are working to pit workers against each other so they can kill Union jobs and drive down wages for everyone.

WATCH a short video to learn more.

We will need your support to help educate other Union Members, your family members and friends to vote ‘NO on Prop 22’ this November. If you would like to learn more about this campaign prior to the training, head to:


The census counts everyone in the United States. Now more than ever it is important to make sure everyone in your family, your friends and your community is counted. Census data will shape our Nation, our State and Cities for the next 10 years. An accurate census helps determine how more than $675 billion in federal funds is distributed each year to support vital programs in states and communities across the country. These funds shape local health care, housing, education, transportation, employment, and public policy. Under the current Global Pandemic, it only further supports the importance of having an accurate count to represent all who reside in our communities, across our City and State, to ensure we have the resources available to protect and serve all.

What is the Census?

As mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the census is a once-every-decade count of everyone living in the country. When we know how many people live in our communities, organizations, and businesses are better equipped to evaluate the services and programs needed, such as clinics, schools, and roads. It also determines how seats in Congress are distributed among the 50 states.


Three things to remember about the 2020 Census — it’s safe, easy and important!
SAFE because respondents’ personal information remains private and confidential by law.
EASY because it is the first-time respondents may complete the Census online, along with phone-in, mail-in and in person options.
IMPORTANT because getting a complete count determines our representation in Congress, the redistricting of voting districts, and where and how over $675 billion in Federal Funding, per year for ten years, will be dispersed among the states, municipalities, services, non-profits, community organizations, small business, etc.

2020 Census is easier to complete than EVER.
You can now respond by:
• Phone: 1-844-330-2020
• Internet:
• By Mail-In Form
• Traditional In-Person Interview


CSATF is aware that the driver license extensions have been granted by federal and state motor vehicle authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the collective bargaining agreement that governs the administration of the Industry Experience Roster (IER) continues to require that drivers provide Contract Services with a valid California driver license, or the equivalent thereof, and MEC, as applicable, in order to remain on the IER.

Therefore, if you received an extension of your driver license and/or MEC expiration from the DMV, you must submit proof to Contract Services that your license and/or MEC is current in order to prevent being suspended from the IER.

If you need to update your MEC, you may see a doctor of your choice, as long as they are listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners ( If you need assistance finding a facility for your exam, you may contact the Substance Testing Program at, or call 818-565-0550 ext.1140.

To verify that your license and/or MEC has been extended, you may request a copy of your extension paperwork from the CA DMV and provide a copy to Contract Services. You can use the DMV’s Virtual Field Office ( to obtain your drivers license extension, renew your license, or submit your updated MEC to the DMV. For additional information, visit




The HEROES Act was passed in the House 90 days ago and yet the Senate still has yet to take action to support working families struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. Though our Industry slowly continues to open, many are still left without stable employment and are in need of the extra support from our Federal Government. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has held up this process and kept the bill suspended since June. As of Friday, the Senate has left for vacation until the end of the month without making any progress in supporting the millions of Americans out of work and on unemployment.

There is NO acceptable excuse to turn your back on millions of families during a global pandemic. Senators headed home instead of passing the HEROES Act to protect working people.

Tell your Senators that this is beyond shameful: Call today: 866-832-1560

PS: Working people will remember this come November.


MPTF has added our Local 399 Emergency Recovery Fund to their website. This fund was approved by the Membership to support Local 399 Members that have found themselves in extreme financial hardship due to the COVID-19 situation. If you are interested in applying, please contact their intake line at: 323-634-3888.

Click here to read ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Section

A couple notes to mention:

• Due to the high volume of calls, the intake line provides a window of 5-7 days to return your call to begin your case.
• The Motion Picture and Television Fund is a non-profit organization that is working around the clock to support Entertainment Industry Workers in need. We know this is an extremely difficult and challenging time, however, we ask that you treat MPTF case workers with the utmost respect and gratitude for their time and service they give to support those Members devastated by this pandemic.
• To Apply, call the MPTF INTAKE LINE: 323-634-3888

If there are any questions we can answer surrounding the fund, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Your well-being matters MOST. As this difficult situation continues and no matter how isolated you may feel, you do not need to face these challenges alone. There is hope. Powerful health resources and personalized support services are available right now. Live and Work Well is here to help you and those you care about find the balance, support and care you need to live the healthiest life possible.

OPTUM CRISIS HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255


If an emergency, or you think you may harm yourself, please call 911.


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You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. An engaged and educated Membership is a strong Membership. Don’t just belong to your Union, be an Active Member.




Thank you for your support over the past several months. Please let us know if there is anything more we can be doing to support you and your family at this time.