Each and every day we strive to find new ways to support our Members by implementing more effective and time saving methods. That being said, we are very excited to announce the Launch of our new Mobile Website!

For years, our Call Board has been in dire need of a technological reboot to keep up with our Members fast-paced lifestyle and give them the best tools to succeed and thrive in their Craft. Our new integrated Mobile Website system will now allow our Members to quickly take care of tasks such as updating information, downloading show sheets, making themselves available and unavailable, as well as giving them a hub of resources at their fingertips.

Our Call Board staff will still be available to assist you with any and all Dispatching needs, however this is a great way to give and get information immediately and on your own time.  

Get started by filling out a registration form on our website! It’s fast and easy – Simply click here:! Upon signing up you will get an email with your personal login information and the next steps regarding how to best utilize the new Mobile Website. We will be sharing regular updates with new added features and easy-to-understand overviews of the systems capabilities.

Our thanks go out to Call Board Supervisor Dan Canamar who has been working extremely hard to launch this new system for our Membership.